Port 139 Listening [RESOLVED]

Hello Guys,

Lately I looked into Firewall Active Connections and found that I have System always listening port 139
My “Netbios over TCP/IP” service is always Disabled

When I’m checking >netstat -an | find /i “139”
I’m getting TCP 192.168.1.XX:139 LISTENING

Which is kinda my internal address and it seems not dangerous but I hope somebody may explain that

I never saw that before with my old ADSL/Router and previous versions of Comodo Firewall
Now I am using new CIS 3.8 (only Firewall) and I changed Modem/Router.

Previously I had private Network 192.168.1.Y
After installing new modem that changed to 192.168.1.XX

What else was changed? Now when I am running “Shields UP!” test all ports are stealth, which was never the case with old router and previous versions of Comodo Firewall.

It seems like nothing dangerous but that is irritating to see that port in Active connections

Thank you in advance

Hi Guys,

Usually I don’t do this , but…

  1. Bump…

  2. when I am trying to Terminate this connection (was just testing that) it remains.
    I was expecting some message from Comodo if it cannot perform what it’s offering ???

Thanks in advance

If you don’t use that system to “share files/printers” you can go to your network adapter properties, select TCP/IP, select advanced, go to WINS, and set “Disable Netbios over TCP/IP” that should remove it listening (on vista that is, TCP 445 will always stay open).

That listener for TCP 139 must have been there before, CIS does not touch that port and or configuration…

Thank you for reply. Ronny

I believe you :slight_smile: that CIS does not touch that port.

Well I looked into WINS and the thing was enabled ??? Why didn’t I looked there earlier - because as I stated initially “My “Netbios over TCP/IP” service is always Disabled”.

and I never had that connection listed before. When and why that was changed I may not tell.
As I said two things happen - new version of Firewall and new modem/router installed
It could be similar to what Microsoft does: when you receive some updates and/or you just looking through network settings (no changes made) you may find later that Windows Firewall (WF) which is always Off is all of a sudden Enabled :o … silently …

(off topic: Comodo firewall does not check that WF is active, but it has too)

Thanks again - internal listening port 139 - gone :-TU

I think that happened when your “TCP/IP” settings got changed to an other subnet.
Resetting stuff there will fallback to default.