Popups/Options Wish

I would like to see Allow Once, Block Once, Allow Permanently, Block Permanently on Firewall Popups & applicable popups.
I find the options above better & easy than “Remember This” for average users.

An option for autosandbox to ask instead of autosandbox of files. The Popup should have options like run virtual, run normal, block. The popup should always show if the file is run virtual i.e the popup should not be there only if the file is run normal. This will make it easy for the users to run the file normal & no need to go to the file lists & manually move the file to the trusted list.

simply uncheck “Remember my answer” would give similar results.
No need to add additional options

I didn’t mean additional options.
I meant “Remember This” should be replaced with Allow Once, Block Once, etc…I find this approach better & easy to use for average users.
Remember This - Many a times users forget to notice its checked or not.

remember this is far easier to remember and what it means than changing the wording, which will end up confusing far too many people.
No, it is far better to leave it as it is.

Remember This - You have to notice it. It does sometimes goes unnoticed.
Allow Once, Block Once, etc… is simple & easy. Select & done. No need to notice any check/uncheck thingy.

Allow\Block Once - Allow\Block Permanently are more clear… yes, the “Remember my answer…” is a bit of a hassle. Although, I think it was designed with the intent to make the user take an additional step before allowing an object permanently.

Of course the alerts could be further optimized…

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