Popups not appearing

Hello, this is really a “small” issue that can potentially be big.

The Automatic sandboxed popup does not appear on my computer when a file has been sandboxed. It just automatically sandboxes it. Like I said, its small I just would like to see these alerts.

anyone? :-\

I think you probably ticked once to no longer show the alert. In that case I am afraid it is not possible to change that. It’s one of those minor shortcomings still existing in v6 I’m afraid unless somebody shows me otherwise.

I think it is Naren who noticed that shortcoming. @Naren, can you confirm this if you read this?

The setting is in an unexpected place I think Advanced settings ~ General Settings ~ User interface ~ Show notofications.

That’s because it applies to all notifications

So that’s what that setting does, and is also why I never got an alert for sandboxed applications 88) Enabled.

As mouse1 mentioned, Advanced settings ~ General Settings ~ User interface ~ Show notifications.

Show Notifications - If you disable this, you will not get AutoSandbox Popups. You will also not get AV Alerts if AV is set to AutoQuarantine.

Added to BB FAQ here.