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Hello. I just activated defense + last night after downloading the firewall only version of CIS about a week ago. I got two pop ups re: HPWAMain.exe and allowed them. The first said HPWAMain was trying to to access hpqwmiex. The second said HPWAMain is trying to execute WiFimsg.exe. I have a hewlett packard computer so I’m quite certain that is what the hp stands for. Can someone please confirm for me that I was right to allow these 2 pop ups?

Sure, I’m bored. I’ll Google stuff for you. :wink:

What is hpqwmiex.exe?
hpWirelessAssistant - HPWAMain.exe
What is wifimsg.exe?

OK. So it’s safe. I guess? I noticed the point about spyware often using similar names and the recommendation to always check the proper disk location of your programs if you are concerned that they may be spyware or virus related software.

It says: This file will be found on your hard drive at : %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Hewlett-Packard\HP Wireless

Can someone tell me how to access this area? I only see a program files area with nothing resembling wifimsg.exe there. I have windows vista.

When you can see the folder “Program Files” double left click on it which should bring up several more folders one of which should be called Hewlett-Packard. If you click on this there should be a folder in there called HP Wireless, clicking on this should bring up a list of files, one of which should be wifimsg.exe

You may need to un-check “Hide extensions for known file types”->to do this click Start->Documents->Now on the drop-down menu from “Organise” you will see “Folder and search options”->You want "View" and then untick the box "Hide extensions for known file types" then APPLY There is also Hidden files and folders, im not sure if this would be hidden but if you still can`t see it give it a try!

OK found it. Wow, that wasn’t too hard!

Thanks. :-TU