Pop ups don,t open up all the way

On the firewall I have downloaded it 4 times, and installed it.
when I boot my xp w/sp2 , it opens a popup only about 60% visable,and locks up my computer
I cannot see enough of the popup to kill it. I had to uninstall the firewall, and reinstall sysgate ??? ???

Hi, bootlegr -

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Are you able to post a screenshot so we can better understand the problem?

Make sure your graphics/display drivers are up to date or repair them. I have seen this with other software caused by graphics drivers.

Windows allows you to increase the size of screen elements by using a higher DPI value to compensate for higher screen resolutions. The standard setting is 96 DPI. Most newer computers allow screen resolutions up to 1280 x 1024. If you use one of these higher resolutions, you need to increase to120 DPI to compensate for the teeny letters and images on the screen.

If you increase the DPI from 96 to 120, many of the screen features / popups in CPF will render improperly, thus your incomplete popup windows. Since the buttons will not show up in these truncated windows, you can’t take action to allow/disallow the activity. The computer is effectively “frozen”, since you can’t close the window and the network is blocked. This could be considered a “bug” in CPF, since most programs will compensate for the screen DPI setting (with the notable exception of AOL, who never got it right through version 8.0).

Hi, all -

The Comodo team have been looking into a similar issue, and word is that an update that fixes this display bug will be out this week. Patience, young padouins :slight_smile: