Pop-up windows not being displayed during Windows 7 RDP session.


I’ve seen one or two posts about this from other people but thought I’d bring it to your attention in the correct forum.

I’m running 32bit Windows 7 Professional with CIS 3.14.130099.587 and I have my firewall set to Custom Policy mode where I expect to be prompted about connections the firewall has no rules for.

During a remote desktop session to this computer, also from a Windows 7 machine, all pop-ups and prompts from Comodo do not appear and it is impossible to make a response. Logging on to the machine directly shows the pop-up window sat there waiting for a response.

It would seem that your window rendering engine within CIS is directing its output to the console session instead of the terminal session the process (that made the request) was running in. I’d have thought only connection prompts made by processes running as the system account etc should be going specifically to the console.




Just want to elaborate a bit on the above post as I’ve done some further playing about and it seems that the problem is related to RDP session switching.

The problem with missing pop-ups is happening directly as a result of resuming a desktop session remotely. If I’m logged on locally and then log-on via RDP (forcing the local session to disconnect), pop-ups continue to be directed at the original session and not the new one. This does not occur if sessions are logged off first and then logged back on again remotely, and the problem occurs no matter which way around you do it (remote to local resuming, for example).

In fact, if this is done multiple times CIS seems to stop working and the icon has a red circle with a line through it. Definitely a problem here with user session switching, the workaround being to always remember to log off rather than disconnecting when moving between locations.

Hope this is of some help.