Pop-up covers up information on page

Trust Logo Pop-up covers up information on page.
The pop-up works fine - but, when it pops up, it covers up a large portion of the lower right corner resulting in customer complaints.
The attachment (comodo2.jpg) shows the pop-up covering up the shopping cart entry. This drives the customers away.

I sent a support ticket regarding this problem… and the solution was to reinstall the pop-up trust logo. This is NOT the solution.

John Underwood

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I have the same problem. I’ve e-mailed technical support because I don’t like being forced to use a solution that dictates where the image is placed. I would much rather have the logo sit at the bottom of my site, in the footer, rather than floating where it can potentitally cover up content/functionality.

Does it (the popup window) not disappear again after a second or two? Or by a click or scroll?

Sorry, I don’t have much input, really; I’ve only seen it in use and it’s always gone away after a second, no longer blocking the page.


It goes away after a second or two - but it has already covered up the area the client wanted to click and it really twangs them off to have a pop-up jump them.
The other side of the story is COMODO closed my ticket - I asked them to reopen it - and they have ignored me since. Kinda’ twanged me off too!

Sorry you’ve been twanged, John.

I understand that the notification is twanging your customers as well. I can’t help you with that, but I may be able to give you a different pointer…

If you log back in to support, you can view all your submitted tickets there. When you click the ticket to see the details, it gives you an opportunity to “bump” that directly - you can reply to it online (rather than via email), and remind them that you do not consider the item as closed, that you are in need of a better solution than what was previously given. I’m not sure (it’s been a while since I was on there) but you may be able to change the ticket status back to Open, yourself.

If this doesn’t work, let me know, and I’ll see if I can’t help intervene on your behalf, to make sure the right people are aware you have an unresolved issue.

Hope that helps,


Thank you for the support - Honestly, I think I did exactly what you recommended - I attempted to reopen the ticket - and received no response - and then I went to the forum (here) and opened with my issue…

Interestingly, the first resolution offered was to reinstall the pop-up… well now - how do you like that approach? All it proved was that the person who responded obviously did not read the note as carefully as you. In fact, I sent both graphics (just like I did on the forum).

I noticed that I am not the only one who has this problem… many are discussing that they would like to move it, or change the Z axis - it covers up my flash stuff as well - not only does it cover it up, it cuts a hole right in it… I had to remove the pop-up from the flash pages… and the folks on the forum who complained are still waiting on a fix… as you probably know.

Thank you,


You do have a ticket, which is ‘on hold’…KCM-437978
This is waiting for the web developer to see if there is anything he can recommend.

Support have closed the second ticket (XRH-796717), as it was asking for an update on the first ticket.

I doubt if there is a resolution to this as the Trustlogo is functioning as it is supposed to.
And, is only available for the lower right side of the window.



So is the only option for the group having this issue to stop using TrustLogo? That doesn’t seem like a good route to take, to me…

Is there not a possibility of including some end-user placement/positioning options? Granted, this would not immediately resolve the issue, but at least they’d know for the future they would have a solution.


PS: John, sounds like you ended up opening a second support ticket, which is what was closed, rather than “bumping” the first one with an online reply.


Thank you for supporting me - and countless others. Regarding Garry’s comment about closing the second ticket - they had already closed the first one - I didn’t have any say until I reopened it with a second one… Guess we all have a story or two, huh?

Back to your comment… I am reminded of a story I heard a long time ago - and I have been in this business a very long time - It seems the chicken was laying round eggs and she was told by the customers that they customers were upset because the (round) eggs were rolling off the table. The chicken (even though it hurt her a bit) figured out how to lay eggs with one end flat … and not only did the eggs stay on the table, they were also easier to store… but then the chicken farm owner put out the word that no matter what the customer said, eggs would continue to be to be ‘egg shaped.’ The chicken had to tell the customers that what they said did not count… “If you don’t like our eggs, go somewhere else.”

Flexibility is one of the main ingredients of growth - rigidity is what stifles a business. Garry, my guess is you are plagued with rigidity from the top - I am not saying YOU are rigid - I am NOT shooting the messenger… Instead, I am saying COMODO is rigid… Garry, you need to get this note into the right hands - many of the comments on this forum are the result of folks out here in the trenches trying to grow our businesses. We do NOT need someone to tell us that they are not going to support us. We are only as flexible in supporting our customers as our tools.


Well, John, I don’t know any details about what happens in “Support” so please keep in mind (any who read this) that I am not in any way slamming that aspect of Comodo.

Like you, though, I have had some less than stellar responses from a few tickets I’ve filed. One, like yours, was closed when (to me) it was very obviously not resolved and should still be open. I successfully got it reopened. :slight_smile: Sometimes I think they are in a hurry and are not giving their undivided attention to the situation. I say that because I’ve had responses directing me to seek help in the forums when I had stated up front that I had already done so (and included the link), and once I was told that Beta products weren’t supported by Support (which is true, but my issue was not with a Beta product). However, I’ve also gotten some excellent help.

Also keep in mind that no matter how skilled/knowledgeable the Support staffers are, they are also still human. Heck, I know I’ve flubbed a few times here in the forums myself (and I’m nowhere near as knowledgeable); I’ve overlooked comments & statements from users and asked them to repeat information they’d already given; I’ve completely misinterpreted an issue and gone off in left field somewhere in the mud; and so on. All I can do as an individual is pick myself up, apologize to the use, and try to move forward in a positive way.

I have no idea programmatically what goes into creating/maintaining/using the TrustLogo, but it does seem to me that a solution allowing end-user positioning would be optimal; hopefully this can and will be accomplished.

Rest assured, the Comodo development team DOES pay attention to the forum, and has a history of listening to user feedback to improve their products. It’s something I have been very impressed with (and I don’t have to be impressed; I’m only a volunteer, LOL).


PS: I’d take some of those squared-off eggs, but my fridge is only made for round ones. Sorry. ;D


As per the reply you would have received from the support team.

We suggest extra padding be applied to the area that must always be visible, so that it’s not as “close” to the corner of trustlogo image.

At this time that would be the only resolution that we can offer.
I have notified the relevant people within Comodo about this, so that it can be added to the ‘wish list’ for future development.


Aah, so as to prevent the “mouse-over” from occurring, thus generating the extra validation window.

John, in my experience Comodo has been very diligent to respond to user feedback on things like this, as far as implementation for future versions. If it’s being added to the ‘wishlist’ you will probably see it in the future…