Pop-up blocker.


My suggestion is a pop-up blocker.
The pop-up blocker in Opera 12.15 is wonderful, it blocks all pop-ups I’ve ever seen and then also easily lets me open those pop-ups, if I want, by clicking the notification.
However now when I’ve switched back to Chrome I am sad to see that Chrome pretty much doesn’t block any pop-ups at all, so I went on a look for extensions for this and sure enough I found a “good” one called “JavaScript Popup Blocker” which blocks those pop-ups that Chrome did not, however it misses one thing, being able to easily open the pop-up instead of having to reload and trigger the pop-up again.

So my suggestion is a pop-up blocker in PrivDog that blocks all these pop-ups however also displays a message in the top right that a pop-up has been blocked, you should be able to click something like “Open pop-up.”, “Exclude this site.” and “Don’t notify me on this site again.” The notification should also have a cross to close the notification without any action and it should not be visible for too long however it should not fade away if you hover over it. The notification could also say where the pop-up leads, the url.

You should be able to turn off the pop-up module in the settings of PrivDog and the pop-up blocker should also have its own exclusion list in which you can add for example comodo forums or your bank etc, just sites you trust with opening pop-ups.

If you have any additional ideas regarding this then please leave a comment.

Thank you,
Sanya IV Litvyak.

GOD ■■■■ IT! Again I forgot to make voters able to remove their vote so that they can change their vote… mods… please can you fix it? So sorry! T-T

Added changing vote possibility.

Thank you! (:LOV)

+1 great idea i noticed the same thing when i first started using privdog.


But with hindsight it is ironic, to say the least, that Google Chrome would need a pop up blocker. :o ??? Back in the days of IE + a big incentive to use Google Toolbar was the popup blocker that came with it… :-X

I think that the Google Chrome pop-up blocker ignores JavaScript pop-ups and I think that a lot of pop-ups are from JavaScripts which is why the pop-up blocker does not do its job, but that’s just what I think. I really miss the pop-up blocker from Opera, it worked so well. :cry: Shame it’s so slow in comparison to Chrome and that LastPass just won’t work for me.

It would be good to have it build into Privdog Especially for the site I have mentioned here :

https://forums.comodo.com/ads-that-needs-to-be-blocked/submit-sites-here-showing-advertising-you-believe-should-be-blocked-t96206.15.html < as in the free-tv-video-online part.

But I’m not sure if oyaremchuk can fix it or not, but he has said he will try.

Hmmm…why not run ABP alongside privdog.?
Problem solved. :-TU >:-D

Been there done that Mrarnold but ABP slows your browsing down with Privdog running along side of it.

With no ABP Comodo Dragon runs along fast even with Privdog.

Yes, we already tried to block one of this. I think it will be available in few days and after this we will check, how users and product react on it.

You can check this site one more time, now there must be no more pop-ups.

Many Thanks oyaremchuk The Site is a lot better. I.E. free-tv-video-online

But I have only seen 1 ad site that pop-up and it seems to be an automated webpage. It’s a full screen ad and it showed up behind the TV show I was about to watch. Here is extra info the Full screen ads show once you press Play. So it was just like I opened up 2 webpages at once. So Here is the url So that you can add to the list: >The Secret to Free Live Cams - Free Cam Secret

So if I close The Webpage I can get things to work just fine.

Thanks again


I support this suggestion. Pop-up window is notorious in dodgy site, such as free stream and ■■■■■■■■■■■. I don’t condone these two however why not making PrivDog block all the intrusive pop-ups as well, similar to Adblock Plus? It will make PrivDog one of the top dog in the industry.