Poor customer service with new domain on Multi-Domain SSL?

I don’t want to sound like the type to complain, but I have had the WORST customer service experience trying to add an addition domain to my existing Multi-Domain SSL. I have been working on this for almost a month now! I’m not getting any replies or responses from the person that has been handling my account, nor from the person they told me to work with (I have no idea why I was sent to another person as I thought my account manager would handle this). When I was still left hanging almost 3 weeks later I opened a ticket on the support.comodo.com site. It has been 4 days now and still nothing!

I’ve got a website with no SSL on it right now, trying to run an eCommerce business and can not get any help from my SSL provider! I’m new to Comodo as a business, but I’ve always heard such great things about them from an Personal Anti-Virus standpoint. So is this what I can expect from them in the long term, or is this just an unfortunate coincidence?

I’d send Melih a PM…

I feel like I would be bothering her. What CEO has time to handle complaints like this? Then again I’m new to Comodo, so perhaps she takes direct messages often? I’m just concerned that might be a rather large step to take.


Two things

  1. Melih is male
  2. He will always try to help, or find someone to assist you


We will always help our users and customers!

I am very sorry, can you please provide me with an order number?

Melih, I apologize for for the mix-up in gender. :-X

Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I see SWM is asking for an order number so I will get in touch with them via private message to exchange information.