Poll : new taskbar icon

The question is simple ; do you like it or not :stuck_out_tongue:


I picked the middle one because we need it modified to something like this, designed by hillgar30.

I always turn off the animated icon as it does not really provide me with any useful information. I do like the modification from hillgar30 but I guess we will have to wait and see if Comodo come up with any improvements. I have a feeling they will eventually.


thanks a lot, and indeed, I’m sure they eventually will come up with a much better solution


For what it’s worth I like it (not love it) and with some of the good suggestions flying about I’m sure it will updated/improved soon… :■■■■

I chose the middle option. I don’t hate it but I feel it can be improved :). I would like to see the flames removed and the shield rounded off a little :D.


The animation and overall look of the icon is rather plain in my view. I still prefer the look of the ZoneAlarm taskbar icon better. Hopefully in the next release Comodo can make the animation of the icon similar to ZA but better.

I chose it doesn’t bother me, I like the animated icon and all but the color scheme just doesn’t fit CFP. It should be brighter I think. More flashy maybe? All in all it’s great to see an animated icon for CFP.