Poll: Modular CIS

Hi All

How about a modular CIS? Basically, the main part of CIS is Defense+ (default deny). This is what Comodo is all about. This gives the user the most protection and is the part (software) that is downloaded from Comodo’s website. In addition to this, modules can either be downloaded (from Comodo’s website) or enabled/updated within CIS’s GUI to allow additional protection (i.e Firewall, antivirus, cloud antivirus, etc). Of course, these modules are signed by Comodo so you can’t accidently install from another site.

You might say that CIS is already similar to this but you have to additionally select either the antivirus or firewall to continue. You could also say that this is similar to CCAV (covered by two products though). This approach would allow Comodo to add/update/remove modules over time (as newer more advanced technologies appear). This would also make the downloaded package smaller for those on limited bandwidth by installing only what they require. What do you think? Pros and cons of this approach welcome :slight_smile:


Something like this?


Looks like its already verified.

One already in the tracker see:Comodo Forum

Yes, I think we are both thinking along the same lines with the modular approach :-TU. My vision differs slightly in that you download only the defense+ part (sandbox, etc) and then pick and choose the additional modules you want after installation rather than during installation. This way the download is alot smaller and additional modules can be bolted on (or removed) without loosing the basic defense security.


I kind of see these modules like extensions in Comodo Dragon. New modules will appear in the list over time and you just pick and choose what best fits your needs.