Poll: If you find a bug in a product, do you switch or report?

I see that everyone likes a good bug.
Poll says it all. Just a small curiosity of mine. :slight_smile:

Also, why talk about bugs?
Here’s a nice read: [Software has bugs. This is normal.]

I say “report the bug & provide needed details”. Not doing so, said product will remain unstable and not advance. That said, if a bug is reported and not actioned in a timely fashion, then move to a different product.



  1. Is it because you, personally, find the bug?
  2. If someone else finds the bug, not you, do you act the same?
  3. Would you come back if it’s fixed eventually?

Depends on the severity, for example, data leakage, incorrect software operation to the point of causing blue screen, crashes…

Anything you had in mind. Doesn’t matter. They’re all bugs with a different priority. To me-- it doesn’t matter if it’s a total bypass or whatever.

The real question is if it does indeed depend on severity or it’s just a motive. Perhaps it’s somewhat a matter of trust. On equal terms, a different product could contain a more severe issue that you do not know about (quite common).

and if it’s a matter of trust, what would you like to see for a better experience?

i’d report the bug and provide details. if the bug is not fixed, i’ll switch to another product

What if there’s a valid explanation? Let’s say that bug is acknowledged by appropriate team and they tell you that it will not be addressed right away.

it depends on how severe the bug is and how long it takes to get fixed

I voted “report the bug & provide needed details”, but it can vary by vendor and how accessible they are. I’m having an issue with a software now where the program is written in English, but the vendor is in Russia. All help files and on line documentation (that I have found so far) is written in Russian, so I may not be able to report the problem as I wish.

Yes, if a bug was found by myself, I would usually report it.

2. If someone else finds the bug, not you, do you act the same?

Yes, I would probably append the original bug report to confirm the bug. I would think the more people that reported the bug (and depending on severity), the quicker it would get fixed.

3. Would you come back if it's fixed eventually?

Yes, unless there was a better product available during that time.


Honesty :). Maybe just a few sentences explaining what progress had been made so far. Even if negative, I’d appreciate that the person (developer) was trying to resolve the problem and spent some time updating progress. Sometime saying nothing, makes you think the worst. Everybody is different but that would gain my trust.

For example, I’ve recently switched from Dragon to Chrome. If a developer had replied saying that there wasn’t any security issues with v52, I would have stayed with Dragon but from what I’ve read from the internet, I felt that there was so made the choice of moving to a more recent version.


I say “report the bug & provide needed details” because this help them to fix the software problems easily.