POLL: CCE and Multiple HDs

Just recently re installed the original HD of my PC as a slave drive. I noticed a few things that I thought would be handy but not being a programmer I am not sure if they would be practical ?

None of the anti malware programs I use, show multiple HDs
(the 2 defrag programs I use Defragler and Puran Defrag do), and of those anti malware programs I do have installed only 2 offer a right click scan option that allowed me to go to my computer and select a HD to scan those 2 being Emissoft A squared and Malwarebytes.

Currently running a scan with Malwarebytes after an Emmisoft scan (It found several trojans and several questionalbe applications). The Malwarebytes scan found 8 questionablle items.

It has been 2-3 years since I last used this HD.

What I would like to see added to CCE are:

  1. For CCE to show multiple items to scan, HDs, removable drives, etc.
    If possible to scan selcected drives in sequence or individually.

  2. Add a right click scan to manually select objects or drives after manually updating.

Thank You for considering and hopefully adding these suggestions to the CCE Wish List !


Hope see different comments and votes now that the poll was added !

I would think scanning any additional HDs etc would be important.

For those that do have secondary HDs or portable devices how do you scan them and can you scan them with CCE?

Thanks to everyone

I voted Not needed.

  1. A Custom Scan already allows this functionality.

  2. This is not possible as long as CCE is portable (a portable app cannot use the Windows Explorer shell and still be considered portable).

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Sorry for the late reply.

In the past I have only used the Full Scan and after reinstalling/adding the original HD my CCE scan time went up to almost 5 hours.
Just used the Smart Scan which looks like it only scans the primary drive. Never was one to customize so I missed the Customize scan.

Since CCE is portable wondered if a right click scan could be added after the CCE folder is opened,
or if a choose, could be added to the Customize Scan to allow a user to more selectively scan a folder and everything contained within it, and not need to scan the complete drive.


You can select multiple files/folders to scan in the Custom Scan Options window.

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Sounds as CCE can do everything I asked for.

I just believe that a right click option (IF possible) might be faster, but is speed in starting a scan of value ?

I do appreciate the change in providing updates at the beginning! As I mentioned that when I start up I should find 2 different icons for the network connection, one a monitor for the windows connection and vertical green lines for my old D-Link n adapter. Several times when I chose for a full scan after the reboot I would get the window to click to start the check for updates while the connection had not completed or did not connect at all. I waited to ensure the network connection before updating or it would fail.

Now CCE is already updated and even if the connection should fail or be delayed longer I can start the scan knowing the latest updates were included.

I will lock the poll this Monday night,


I will be locking this topic.

Jahn brought to my attention the Custom Scan selection allows for single or multiple scan selections from a single folder to 1 or all hard drives.

Thank you for those that did comment and vote !

I just wish it had the right click option.