Poll about CIS v5

Guys with v5 around the corner and v4 barely 6 months (or maybe a little more) old… what are your thoughts on v5 as compared to v4.

I might add another option if people so desire.

the ones that vote no change:

Cloud based AV
Cloud based Behaviour Analysis
Coud Based Whitelisting
Improved performance
Spyware Scanner
Much improved Sandbox

and many more features… If you don’t see them pls tell us…if you do, why do u vote 2? I am just trying to get to the bottom of bugs, hence would like to hear from you if you voted 2 and why you don’t see these features.



Personally, I think most of the changes are “non visual” (except for the GUI redesign) so it might look like there hasn’t been many changes.


Hi Melih - Can you please be more specific? In terms of memory, cpu, disk i/o use, it seems the same as v4 for me. The AV component seems to weigh down the suite a bit.

Are you talking more in terms of detection performance? thanks

The AV may seem slower due to the cloud checking it now employs.

Planned integrate CTM into CIS v5?

I am not saying the AV is slower than v4. I have ran CIS5 beta both with the AV, and with it disabled. It uses significantly less CPU time with it turned off. It doesn’t seem to slow my system either way, but I am just pointing out that of the many components in CIS, the AV seems to be the one that really hammers the CPU.

If you have CTM installed it already offers you an option to take a snapshot before you allow some alerts, so it is there already really.

Cloud based AV
It works, because malware gets uploaded and if I tryied to upload it manually, it says it's already uploaded(something like that). The only problem is when does the actual malware get flagged?
Cloud based Behaviour Analysis
Again, it works. After it's verified and gets marked as trusted, It still stays as partial sandbox. like: for windows 7 Pro 32x taskhost.exe dllhost.exe java.exe <---java 1.7 beta javaw.exe <--java 1.7 beta javaws.exe <----java 1.7 beta I did block explorer.exe from going online, so that could be ignored

Here’s a picture of the log, if it helps

[attachment deleted by admin]

the sandboxing of unknown processes might be a good thing (although sort of risky if trusted vendors aren’t taken into account), but the plain virtualization of a regular application, on demand, is a disaster.
Had a bsod with IE and a complete reset to default settings with Firefox when sandboxed. I mean if you can’t run a browser sandboxed without losing most of its features what’s the need…
I posted a few things about that in the bug reporting thread.

When my first av_ scan started CIS 5 was sending data to comodo servers and scan was very slow then it got faster and the traffic was normal (normal = it did not send more data than I expected , my system was
almost only Win 7 64 installation disk at the moment ; but not English version).

4.1 is very good I hope 5.0 will be better ;D

i really think that cis is on the right track now with v5 especially with the new sandbox. the sandbox is getting stronger and less buggy with each release and now is becoming more customizable now with the new “treat unrecognized files as…” option. as long as the beta testers keep reporting the bugs cis 5 will be great with th GA release

browsing speed, on access speed etc…

we made about 40% improvement in our tests…want to make sure its there for end users too.

Not really.As i posted in the bug report thread, when i tried to delete a folder(around 10GB with many files in it), it went too slow. 10 minutes, maybe.

Thanks for the clarification. I have not noticed much difference vs v4, but I have not ran benchmarks. I do notice some odd slowdowns with Firefox recently, but I am not certain if it is CIS5, or the latest build of Firefox. No problems with Chrome.

Personally I voted so because I know that self-confidence can ruin… And as the previous participant has told, still there is a loading on winchester I/O, it even became more in actual practice, instead of in tests… Unfortunately. Therefore all new conducting fade for all saved problems.
Without insults Melih, I think to all your commands it is necessary to reduce rate and to grind to shine all from GUI (meet on clothes, see off on mind) before elimination of all bugs - only then again to accelerate. And we community will help you.

Yours faithfully, I use full CIS 5. Not ban me - it truth :slight_smile:

thanks for that.

Did you put a bug report about the issue you are having so that we can resolve it?


I communicated only about CPM because I searched for a long time for the program with similar idea. Concerning CIS my problem is already described by other people.
Melih, I think it will be very effective, in case of start of manufacture of a new product, to involve in designing community (it will be interesting to people and you should not do work on two times it it is favourable all), and to programmers to consider not work perfect conditions (to sit and all variants to consider where that can be not so instead of as it should be in an ideal). Simply I think many experienced users who have learned about COMODO on excellent FIREWALL any more do not write about bugs - I already in last post have written the reason… You simply go further.

About GUI I will specify defects in the near future, it is simple Melih at me too there is no confidence that they will be corrected.

Yours faithfully to everything, Alex.


Much appreciate it.
Can you pls also file a bug report as different people have different configurations, different software, different hardware etc. The more people file the bug report the better. So pls go ahead and post your bug report for CIS.



I am a former user from Comodo (for those who remember I made the design avatars for some forum moderators).

I’ve just congratulate you for this new version. The beta is already very very convincing and I’m sure you’ll have a great product. Bravo :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad English.