Policy for outbound connections? [Resolved]

It seems that Comodo Firewall is primarily concerned with inbound connections. A lot of detail as been put into figuring out this 1/2 of how applications connect to the inside/outside world.

After crawling through the menus, I’m curious how I can create, say, a blanket policy to apply to applications whereby I do not want them to connect to a Zone, like Internet?


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Outbound protection is enabled by default in CIS as long as you have the firewall set to ‘Safe Mode’ or ‘Custom Policy Mode’. In other words, you will get an alert if any application tries to connect outbound to the Internet, just like you would with inbound connections. (Note: In ‘Safe Mode’, applications on the COMODO whitelist will be allowed to connect. If you want control over ALL applications safe and unsafe, switch to ‘Custom policy Mode’.) The rules can also be created/modified in Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy.


Thanks for writing. Since I posted that, I have been poring over all the menus. I am a recent convert from ZASS, so the learning curve is a little steep. There are a few places in the menu system that are flat out confusing, but I’ll manage.

I have managed to really lock this XPSP3 system down, so much so that I’ve lost broswer functionality for both the browser and apps that use the browser-bit only port 80 requests. 443 is fine. I know, go figger.

I’ll post about that in a separate thread. The assurance about Safe/Custom modes was a direct hit.



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