'Police' ransomware

My friend got infected today with this I try to fix his PC. I tried few things without success to get rid of it. All I will ask is anybody had this? How you got rid of it? Any tips?

Hi Seany007,
The following advice from Chiron could be of some assistance.
How to Clean An Infected Computer

Great video here also

Tell your friend to run his/her browser in Sandboxie once the ransomware is removed.

You have to try this : RansomFix Version 1.0

Thank you guys I fixed it with Kaspersky rescue disk 10 :slight_smile:

How about running your browser in comodo’s manual sandbox?

Sandboxie is more configurable - e.g. you can set it up to save bookmarks
And you can ‘restrict’ what starts/runs in Sandboxie - e.g. you can set it up to only allow your browser to run. So if you click on something that tries to install a malware inside your sandbox, it will simply fail to run. It’s like the ultimate ‘blacklist’.

Can’t work out how to run opera in sandboxie yet keep addons, speed dials & bookmarks etc if I choose to empty sandbox on browser closing. This is why I use comodo’s whose two main problems for me are opening pdf’s & printing which you can open in sandboxie.

You right-click on the sandbox and choose ‘sandbox settings’ → ‘applications’ → web browser →
and then tick ‘direct access to bookmarks’
and ‘direct access to profile’

I choose to add Addons OUTSIDE of the sandbox and then NOT tick the ‘direct access to profile’
…that way the only thing that’s open to the world is Bookmarks’

see screenshot

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