Poimeej7x.com Click hyjacker! Can't get rid of it! HELP!!

When I click on a link on a site(almost any site! Even HERE!) I am taken to a page that starts with Poimeej7x.com. I have used 6 different adware?spyware programs to try yo get rid of it but not one has helped. I tried Comodo Internet Security even and it also did not find anything. Has any one else had to deal with this? Some help would be nice!

Open CIS main UI and go to tasks > advanced task to launch clean endpoint which will download CCE and perform a full scan. Also run killswitch from the tools menu in CCE with a browser open and then select show only the untrusted images in memory from view menu of killswitch. Finally run autorun analyzer again from the tools menu of CCE. For both killswitch and autorun analyzer go to file and save to save the report when they both complete and add them to a zip folder to attach here.

Which program did you try?

I usually suggest ADWCleaner, Hitman Pro, Super Antispyware, Malwarebytes Antimalware and TDSS Killer.

There are several tutorials to find with a search engine like f.e. How to remove Poimeej7x.com redirect [Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge] .