Plugins (Pepperflash) missing after upgrade from CD 46 to CD 49 [Merged]

After upgrading CD from 46 to 48, the Pepperflash Plugin is not loaded anymore.

Here are screenshots of the chrome://plugins page from CD 46 and 48.

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Hi BattleMage,
Please see the quote below.


I know that Google removed NPAPI support with the Chromium 44 base. I do not have and do not want a separate Flash Player Installation that is available to all of my browsers, that’s the main reason I am using CD. Previously CD shipped with the same integrated Pepperflash Plugin (PPAPI) that Chrome shisp with. But with CD 48 something changed and the plugin is not loaded anymore although being present in exactly the same directory.

Or in short:
CD < 48 shipped with Chrome’s integrated PPAPI Pepperflash player, not requiring a system wide install of flash, which I consider more secure.
CD >= 48 won’t load the PPAPI Pepperflash player from the User Directory or the application’s directory, even when using --ppapi-flash-path with --ppapi-flash-version. I consider this a regression.

Flash player issue will be fixed for Dragon in the upcoming releases :-TU

Good to know, thanks. I’ll disable auto update until then.

Thanks for this information SerkanB. :-TU

Kind regards.

One of the benefits with chrome and dragon has been the use of internal and sandboxed flashplayer ?
With latest update of version 48 dragon prompt me constantly I need to install external flashplayer in order to show many of the elements of the site.
A lot of website still use flash, one example is bandcamp which I use a lot, should I be forced to use Micrsoft edge browser ? or opera ?

I really do not want to use external plugins cause I know adobe will never suceed with the security of that product.

Was flashplayer support deleted from chrome/dragon because of political reasons to force web developers to stop using it ?
Despite that many websites still use flashplayer.


  1. Will Comdo reconsider and add support again ? or do you want users to be forced to use the more non safe method of using external plugin ?
  2. If yes when can we expect this important problem be fixed ? I know you only update your browser on a 6 month basis but I cannot wait this long for this.
    I want a quick fix for this otherwise I am forced to change browser.


Hi solyaris242424,
I have merged your post with an already existing topic on the same subject matter.
Please reply 3.

Thank you.

thanks what is the time table for the next version ?
since this problem is kind of emergency…

Hi solyaris242424,
This is a difficult question as Development doesn’t always go to plan, but I have asked Staff if they could give any hint on the time for the next release.

Thank you

Solyaris - I resolved Bandcamp issues on Commodo by downloading Adobe Flash again and using the Comodo prompts whilst doing so.
Hope that works for you, as I know how important Bandcamp is to musicians… :-TU

My point is, I do not want to use comodo dragon as browser if I am forced to rely on external non sandboxed adobe flashplayer.
Sure Flash is dead, but killing support is way to early, having enternal flashplayer which is sandboxed inside the browser is the best
solution so far.

The question is how long are we going to wait for them to correct this misstake/bug/miscalculation

A browser then cannot show flash is useless, comodos solution to download external flasyplayer is a joke to me, there is a reason why chrome browser
have had internal flashplayer and sandboxed.

If this is not fixed very soon I will give up and switch to chrome, I see no more reason to use this browser anymore otherwise, plus I am tired of the 6 months between the updates,
always many versions behind. It is very stupid of them to have two similiar browsers chromodo/dragon it would be better if they would focus all manpower on one browser, cause lets face it, Comodo have a deep problem when it comes to lack of manpower, that is the only explanation why it takes so long between the updates.

And after the privdog scandal I think comodo need to explain the beinifits of using dragon instead of chrome ? there is a lot of talk of “comodo dna” but how can an out of date version which is never patched for the latest security patches make a browser the safest alternative ? Comodo did realize this in the beginning of its birth and did update a lot more frequently.

There is a program called unchrome that is supposed to remove this installation ID which can be used for tracking. That Dragon have no installation ID is the only benifit

Hi solyaris242424,
PPAPI Flash is co-developed by Google and Adobe.
The downloaded PPAPI flash and PPAPI flash that is included with Chrome are the same plugin, both using the improved (PPAPI) out of process architecture.

Kind regards.

I have been asking myself the same questions as you for months, Solyaris…and I find the reply from captain sticks unacceptable.
Chrome flash player works on all Flash dependent sites - as does every browser available… Dragon DOESN’T - end of!

Just the hassle and downtime involved with importing all my bookmarks and setting everything up again has delayed my leaving Dragon.
How difficult can it be to bring Dragon up to date with the rest of the bowsers available, regarding Flash player?
Flash is not going to go away in the near future, despite HTML emerging…
Very shoddy from Comodo

Hi Billy Leeds,
I am not sure why you find my reply unacceptable, I was just saying the Flash player is the same (Both PPAPI).
I was not saying the browser is up to date, or saying it can play all video formats which could be caused by numerous reasons including licencing issues that might need to be sorted.


Switch to Chromodo then, as I am not experiencing playback issues. But yes, with the new plugin requirements, FlashPlayer had to be reinstalled.

That sounds easy just switch with one mouse click ?
There is a reason you stick with your browser for many years, it is because you have it orgainized, all saved passwords, all saved bookmarks etc
To change browser is not something you want to do often.

However Dragon has still not fixed the Flashplayer problem, many sites such as bandcamp, and video sites does not work, I have to change to explorer edge
and past those links from dragon every time a site does not work, how pathetic is not that ?

It seem like this fix is not a high priority

I have now downloaded chrome, and I will investigate how to remove the installation ID.

I give dragon one more week then I expect to see an update with fixing this pathetic problem.

And comodo who is a security company recommend to be dependent on external plugins instead of internal flashplayer and sandboxed within the browser, I find that very strange how you really can talk warm about this solution ?

There is a reason why chrome did start to include internal flashplayer, I refuse to install any external flash player it should be inlcluded and sandboxed within the browser, end of story.

Updated to CD today. Pepperflash is still missing. Disappointing.

People do not want to use external plugins, it is a security risk, the benifit of having the internal flashplayer is that is is sandboxed and hacker proof