Plugins for trash

Hey everyone,

there was a poll in Feb 2007 about a Plugin System

So how’s the status?

I want to heat the discussion about it 'cause it’s already been over 2 years now.

A plugin system is hell of work to develop, you have to change almost everything in the application to provide a good API.
The API has to be documented one way or the other to provide involved developers a basic tool platform.
All together it’s quite a cost factor, especially since this product is for free.

What I’m trying to say is: wouldn’t it be faster just to implement requests of the wishlist?

For example (just a simple example, there are still more of course):
In my eyes an essential security/decision feature/tool, DNS reverse lookup, has now been stuck for over 2 years.
The Code itself could’ve just been implemented in a few days at worst case in a few weeks.
Instead totally unproductive features like themes were implemented.

What the heck is taking so long? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind regards,