Plugin support

Would be great to have Dragon work with plugins such as Xmarks for both bookmark and password recovery, or, overall with FF plugins, if that is possible, since both browsers are made on a different basis.

Chromium based browsers are only just starting to use plugins. Check out the list of Google Chrome plugins currently available (build on the same Chromium base) which should eventually be compatible.

Put whatever suggestions you have in the Wishlist.


If you want plugin support,its just like any other chromium browser;
just make a folder inside the program files folder callled “plugins” and place your plugins there.
I transfered my FFox flash plugins and it works fine without using any Adobe installers


I would like to see Comodo offer their own plugins (requested by users) but also allow plugins from the community as well. Ideally, be able to select the plugins options which would display a plugins window in two sections, 1. Comodo’s and 2. Community.


Options to disable Javascript, at least Flash, would be better than just viewing plugins.