plugin container.exe stops working.

Ive got a problem with my firefox browser on my 32-bit computer.
Everytime i try to open anything plugin container.exe states it has stopped working.
Any help please.?

thank you. ???

Hey Darren :slight_smile:

If you think that CIS is causing it put it in d+ rules and if that doesn’t help try to add it in exclusions of detect shellcode injection.

Tell if this does the trick.

Valentin N

Can you get a stack trace of the relevant thread, or a crash dump?

i dont believe it has anything to do with comodo as ive run firefox with comodo for over a year now with no problems.
What i have noticed is that it only happens when the browser is running under sandboxie.
Its a problem with sandboxie im presuming.
I dont understand it as ive run firefox sandboxed for quite a while with no problems.


try to reinstall/repair and see if you have dump file regarding FF as Wj32 suggested.

Plugin-container.exe is supposed to isolate the plugins from the browser so if a plugin crashes it doesn`t take the whole browser down.
Try going to Add-ons manager and disabling the plugins one by one. What version of Fx?

Have the crashes been reported? Put"about:crashes" into the address bar which should tell you what has been submitted.


Problem solved.
A simple re-boot solved the issue.
Sorry for wasting your time.

Regards. >:-D