Plex & Comodo IS

Ok, I have opened the following ports (and even set all the Plex exe’s as ALLOWED), but I still can’t get it to connect to my Roku Stick (or my Samsung TV) unless I disable the firewall (NOT what I want to do):

Plex Media Server TCP 32400
Plex DLNA Server TCP 32469 & UDP 1900
Plex Roku Remote TCP 8324

Win7 x64, Comodo Internet Security v8.2.0.5027

Any assistance would be appreciated!


From another topic about Plex:

Ok, will give that a shot.

Let us know if that worked for you or if you need further assistance.

Ok, yes that worked. Dummy me had it on Source, not Destination <duh!>

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Can’t seem to get this to work with out disabling firewall. Have tried both the application and global rulesets solutions to no avail. I assume something else is going on but can’t figure it out, any help or walkthroughs would be highly appreciated.

Make sure your global allow rule is the topmost rule and make sure you have source and destination addresses set to any. For the plex server executable make an application rule for it using the preset rule ‘allowed application’ also try disabling block fragmented IP traffic under firewall settings just in case the packets are being fragmented which would cause the firewall to block them. Makes sure the windows firewall is disabled not the firewall service but the setting in control panel.

“Makes sure the windows firewall is disabled not the firewall service but the setting in control panel.”

Can you give a little more explanation on this, I’m a little confused. I do believe I have both firewalls running and when I disable the comodo but leave the windows firewall running it is fine.

Open control panel and go to windows firewall then select turn windows firewall on or off on the left-hand side then it will bring you to a screen to turn off the windows firewall for public and home or work (private) network location.