I am having problems with comodo firewall and avast anti virus every time I try to download a programme or application, a box comes up with says you have downloaded a application with just the option to save the file (which normally is saved on my desktop) but when using I.E 7 you don’t have the option the to run the application as the same box comes up and I have to run it the long way but more to the point what is making that happen and how to stop it (sorry if that was not clear)

This sort of thing occured with earlier versions of CFP and Avast.

What version of CFP are you running?
What version of Avast are you running?
Is Avast’s WebShield enabled?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I am running the most up to date version of both comodo version and avast version 4.7.942 and yes webshield is enabled

Can you try turning WebShield off andretesting?

Ewen :slight_smile:

That seems to have fixed it but without the webshield protection avast has now lost what made it excellent, but what made that problem happen? I know because the shield was on but what makes the firewall and the anti virus react that that?

Is there plans to make avast and comodo work together 100 per cent?