"Please wait while windows configures PhotoImpact X3"

Have downloaded and installed and again retried the today’s Free Comodo 3.0 Firewall

Over the last fee months I had previously downloaded the Free Comodo 3.0 and I installed and somehow I kept having problems with the 3.0 program

This problem seems relates to the program of PhotoImpact X3 [The latest one from Ulead/Corel] as because every now and then [About 5 times a day] being presented with a notification box [The box seemed to come from Comodo?] advising me to “Please wait while windows configures PhotoImpact X3” then presented with “Windows Installs PhotoImpact X3” then " Windows Installer" and after each I click on all of the “OKs” which finishes the "Reconfigure of the PhotoImpact X3, however this same problem does returns again at next Startup?.

I tried also to do the enter of “PhotoImpact X3” in as a “Trusted Application” and found it did not stop the “Reconfigure”?
Not sure if I entered/added it in the correctly in the correct place setup?

Yes, even I uninstalled the and reinstalled the “PhotoImpact X3” using the “Comodo Installation Mode” and the same “Reconfigure the PhotoImpact X3” problem returned?

To prove a point I have gone back again to the older Comodo Version 2.4 from which I have never received any notification for to “Reconfigure the PhotoImpact X3”

So it seems the “Reconfiguration” problem relates back to the Comodo 3.0.

I am using windows XP OEM Home with all updates installed = Now have changed over to “Free Avast Antivirus program” [Because of the high sophistication of the Free AVG 8.0 prgm - Its just impossible to use??] = I have also on board “XXclone” [For transfer of data to my instaaled spare drive] =

Any suggestions?
[From Australia]

There was a problem some months ago I thought it had been fixed though this occur at startup. Link to thread below.

First of all Comodo id free period. Secondly Comodo 2.4 and 3.0 are completely different programs and cannot be compared. Comodo 2.4 is a firewall only. Comodo 3.0 is a firewall with HIPS(aka D+). Did you try adding all the executibles for your program to D+? Also add the files it needs to connect to the internet to the firewall. When ever installing anything first open up Comodo and change it to install mode. Then put D+ in training mode. Works for me in all my programs.