Please use Comodo Search

We would kindly ask all our users to start using our Comodo Search when searching the web.

Best method would be to make this your Home Page please.

Thank you very much


Do you get any revenue from it? If so, I’d like to use it but it’s too simple for most of my searches,

I have 4 urls (2 each for Google and Yahoo) that give me the set-up that I like without needing cookies enabled. Yahoo seems to stick to English on subsequent mods. to the string rather better than Google does.
My usual home page is Yahoo Advanced Web Search then other pages are in Opera’s Start Up or on Speed Dial (inc. Comodo of course).

Replaced obfuscated link. JoWa

As I see it uses the engine.
How is it related to comodo?
Has Comodo acquired it?
How is the use of it by us beneficiary to comodo? Brand building?
And not at least why is it good for us? :slight_smile:
Anyway Ill try it out.

we use engine.
yes we benefit from it.

thank you


I hope that Comodo does well with this - certainly deserves to.

I tried Ask in my attemt to get away from Google, but found it not suitable - sorry.

Anyone tried altavista? It’s not bad(search wise that is)

Only encountered Altavista via the dark side of the web.

Dogpile (UK engine) is a metasearch so it could be good.

The interface is poor on most, but I’ve just looked at Google again and it’s better than it was.

There’s a comparison of some (UK-based) here

Add Comodo search to your Firefox search bar.

Create a comodo-search.xml file in the Firefox search plug-ins folder. Edit the file, add this:


The site says:

“Due to the inclusion/bundling and/or default (pre-checked) opt-in of the Ask
Toolbar and Search Assistant, it has been determined that this site will no
longer provide update information for the products of the following vendors”

  1. Check Point or ZoneLabs
  2. Webroot
  3. Comodo Firewall Pro


I saw this over on in the newsgroups there. Along with the other criticisims we have seen, it is a downside of any kind of tie in on a search engine. I realize the plusses, but it does appear to slightly compromise objectivity and independence.

why does making money from advertisers and passing this money on to end users as top notch products seen as a compromise?

Also: the very site that critisize us uses advertising on their site to make money from online advertising don’t they!

I don’t think its fair to critisize us for doing something they themselves do: making money from online advertisers!

Every single dollar we make goes straight back into creating new security applications, so the beneficiary is the end users!


How do you mean? Whose objectivity and independence?

I don’t really understand what people, like in the threads you mentioned, are talking about. Basically it seems they just say, the Ask toolbar is no good, without giving an explanation. It is unacceptable and therefor CPF is as well.

You could simply use the website and any money made from advertising goes to By using the toolbar or the Comodo Search page, part of that money goes to Comodo. What’s wrong with that?

Perhaps people are concerned about their privacy. Well, just use Google. They store your information longer than any of the other big search engines. I think it is (close to) two years.

I for one am glad there is a way to give something back to Comodo that doesn’t cost me anything. (:KWL)

I read Donna’s post. Shame to see that she thinks the toolbar is adware. Cos its not! She points to some AV products picking it up as malware. Well Kaspersky picked it up as malware too and we got in touch with them ask them to re-evaluate their decision and they were quick to respond saying that it was an FP and remove it. I am sure if asked the other providers will re-evaluate and remove this FP! Basing one’s decision on some products FP is regrettful.

Anyway, we are now building our own toolbar to replace ask toolbar, however we will still use the searches powered by them but the toolbar will be all Comodo toolbar. will take us a month or two to get it done… and while we are at it, will put more security features into this toolbar.

anyway, the current toolbar we promote is a harmless way of making money from advertisers and its a shame that its confused with malicious stuff.

Donna, it aint adware…its a way to enable more security for users without costing them any money. where’s the harm?


It seems that many subscribers object to the inclusion of another toolbar on their browsers. I count myself among those folks. I do want to be able to support the research and development of Comodo products.

I know IEPro has a similar program going on to make money. They use Google, and you can insert the link in IE’s Search as the default search engine. Is/can changing the default browser search engine to create a similar result in terms of revenue generation? That way we provide financial support to Comodo, have the benefit of CMF for browsing, and don’t have to deal with another toolbar. Sounds like a win win.

Thanks for listening. -SA Jack

Well. What is, by the way, TRUTH all about these days?

No, I am NOT talking about TRUST. (Everyone seems to use this very word now…)

Both words may sound similar, and I guess intertwining both of them when publishing TEXT(s) more or less CONFUSES the average user, even if being a native speaker. (Myself not being included, obvious as it may be.)

If you, just for example, tell your best friend you had an affair with someone other than your wife, well, you seem to TRUST him (or, rather, have trusted him…), in the end…

And if he’s going to tell HER the TRUTH then…beware? Trust can be better than Truth, but it sometimes happens to be the other way around…
I just tried to show, if TRUST is being broken, TRUTH is being revealed, and, certainly, not always for the better…
The other way around would, as well, be possible. But rarely to be met in existance.

But why talking so much? Why not simply state the facts and tell the TRUTH?

GOOGLE (amongst many others search engines and providers like AOL etc. etc.) IS DEFINITELY TO BE RENDERED AS SPYWARE (as it collects, stores, shares and USES data), but even COMODO (sorry, Melih, but that’s TRUTH) have, at least thus far, not even ever thought about blocking this widely spread, commonly used search engine…

Melih, now, come on, I know you’d have them guts. If not you, who else? But why not? I can tell you (and them great and not so great folks out there): Because it’d be somewhat paradox (or even an oxymoron), because:

In the end, if we’d block ALL real Spyware, would we have the INTERNET at all, then? Answer is: NOPE.

As the INTERNET as such is, of course, by it’s own structure, SPYWARE or, let’s just say, some kind of WARE that includes from birth and reason, in itself, the possibility of and now, obviously, even the intention to be capable of being used as spying WARE. In Germany we’d call that (in a somewhat more dry and philosophical way, maybe) “system-immanent” attitude or behaviour, or charactre.

Everyone using the internet, except for some special transferring procedures with heaviest encryption (and even they are de-cryptable), is part of our world’s communication.

So, one might praise the internet for all it’s favours, but it must, or at least, should, never be forgotten, that it’s a centralized (how many points do we have, at the moment? 7? some more?), decryptable, filtered thing.

So I think, there ain’t no need to use anonymizers, proxy’s, all that stuff. It’s ridiculous by just thinking about the system itself.

All the world says: Beware of them evil crackers (or, mostly used in a false way, "hackers).

INTERNET ITSELF IS, by it’s immanent structure, THE GREATEST HACK on humanity ever.

It offers many advantages. It saves human lives. It connects people. Maybe it also kills people, I don’t know, but I guess so.

It can do so many things (enabling one to write letters, watch nude women, read scientific books, read the latest news, get to know how to brew ■■■■, share files, be they illegal or not, sharing experiences on that net, about “securing” one’s machine, about “slimming it down” etc.

But, in the end, what remains, is the thought of:

Hey, that’s a great thing, they spy on us.

Add some fine ■■■■ and they will enjoy it twice as much!

Sorry, Melih,

now I will be asked almost the same questions you were being asked some time ago.

And, no. I’m not on drugs.

(Just some ■■■■.)

Keep on telling the truth, Melih, not so much about trust. Whom do YOU trust, Melih?

I’d really like to have some real talk and ■■■■ with you, my friend, while not being in need to think about all those ****ty things mankind has invented in the meanwhile, but to sit down together by my fireside and rethink the whole world once more.

PS: I’d play you some ol’ 12-string guitar an’ sing ya some songs you’d like. Just leaning back 'n existing…

What more could we really achieve in our lives? Money? Paid friends? Multiple car garages? Oh, come on, that’s nothing to even care about.

Sick world of ours.

Still, somewhat funny.

Cheers, Melih


some deep thoughts there MorphOS REBOL :slight_smile:


hey i got it booked marked thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I hav made this my default serch engine. becoz i love comodo

thank you guys!


I like my browser to start off with a blank page. so…using IE8 you can add search providers by going to the
search site - Comodo Secure Search protects you from infected websites and searching for TEST then copying/pasting the resulting URL
TEST, in to IE8 search providers box. then make this my
default search provider.
this ends up as – when i search
is this any good, does the o=1674 (originator??) identify that its been through comodo or am i wasting my time
with this??
thankyou for many truly excellent programs. i’ve been using the registry cleaner for some months now, its fab.
ive just downloaded the new system cleaner, so i expect to be back some time to heap some more praise on that.
your doing a wonderfull job, thankyou.

I don't really understand what people, like in the threads you mentioned, are talking about. Basically it seems they just say, the Ask toolbar is no good, without giving an explanation. It is unacceptable and therefor CPF is as well.
I won't speak for can read [url=]Here[/url] just a sample of the back web chatter about this tool bar.

Personally, my biggest complaint is how the tool bar is installed. It is my opinion that this tool bar should be considered Foistware simply because it WILL install itself regardless of the useless check box that implies you have the option not to install it.

Try it. Anyone who reads this, if you are interested, just try to opt out of installing the tool bar. You can’t. In spite of removing the check from the box, the tool bar installs itself against your wishes. To me, there is no difference in that type of behavior and that of a common burglar.

If some salesman knocks on your door and you answer to say that you are not interested then the sales person FORCES his way in paying no regard to your wishes…that is a burglary. Just that simple. Regardless of intent, if someone forces their will on you, the behavior has got to be considered, at the very least, annoying even to the simplest minded juror.

I am personally very concerned that Comodo has partnered with third party software that behaves in this manner. I respect the very notion that other users will indeed have a differing opinion, but as for me, I will no longer be recommending comodo without detailing the ups and downs of installing the software having foistware bundled with it.

In addition, when I downloaded and installed the latest Comodo Internet Security suite package, I used the Firefox browser. As stated above, when making my choice to forgo the installation of the tool bar, it not only installs regardless of my wishes, it is also installed on Internet Explorer…and I would only assume that any other browser you may have would have been hijacked in this manner as well.

The uninstall string is handy, but not complete. When uninstalling, I was left with the following registry entry left overs:



"CacheDir"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\bar\\Cache\\"

"HistoryDir"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\bar\\History\\"

"SettingsDir"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\bar\\Settings\\"


"HistoryDir"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\PopSwatter\\History\\"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extension Compatibility\{43D9E6F0-1776-4897-AE14-ECEDECBAFEC0}]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extension Compatibility\{5A074B21-F830-49DE-A31B-5BB9D7F6B407}]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extension Compatibility\{5A074B29-F830-49DE-A31B-5BB9D7F6B407}]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\HIPS\Policy\33\Rules\4\Allowed\3]
"Filename"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\unins000.exe"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\HIPS\Policy\33\Rules\4\Allowed\3]
"DeviceName"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\unins000.exe"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\HIPS\Policy\83]
"Filename"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\unins000.exe"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\HIPS\Policy\83]
"DeviceName"="E:\\Program Files\\AskBarDis\\unins000.exe"

…so, a manual removal of those remnants is required to fully remove the software’s footprints. I am very disappointed.