Please update notification area icon animation


At the moment, it shows 4 arrows when the download speed is at just a few measly kb/s.

It would be really nice if it showed something like :

1 arrow to indicate bits per second, 2 arrows for bytes per second, 3 for kbits/s and 4 for mbits/s.

You know it makes sense !


“1 arrow to indicate bits per second, 2 arrows for bytes per second” doesn’t really make sense, it’s two ways of calculating the same transfer speed, are you saying you want it to show one arrow for 1-8 bits/second download and then two arrows for 8+ bits/second? In that case it would show either no arrows or two+ arrows since you’re rarely ever going to have single bits of transfer speeds.

I do however agree that the arrows need work, one should be able to set their download and upload speeds and then it should automatically calculate the most logical steps.

I thought that 1 byte is 8 bits ?

I often see a trickle of bytes as I have the widget on my desktop as well.

Also, as you have four arrows in total, I can’t imagine many people will need something showing Gbits per second…
for a good while, anyway so the only ones that I think might be worth including are what I listed.

1 byte is 8 bits, why would you want 1 arrow to be “bits” and 2 arrows to be “bytes” once you reach 8 bits per second that could be considered 1 byte per second so above 8 bits per second you seem to want it to show two arrows, issues is that you’ll almost never transfer 1-8 bits per second, so it’d never show just one arrow.

If that is not what you meant, could you clarify what you mean?

Edit: Personally I’d like one arrow to be 1b/s to 24Mb/s, two arrows to be 25Mb/s to 49Mb/s, three arrows to be 50Mb/s to 74Mb/s and four arrows to be 75Mb/s+ But that’s just for download, upload would be different.

Point is, since different people have different connections with different bandwidth, for example someone could have a 1Mb/s connection while someone else could have a 1Gb/s connection, it just seems more logical to me that it’s dynamically calculated to best fit the connection in question, probably based on percentages, but that’s just my opinion.