Please try this free service and let us know your feedback.

Hi All

Please try this service (which is free for low volume users) and let us know what you think of this.



Isn’t this taking security to the nth degree, when we have to guess what service you want us to try? LOL

ewen :wink:


its like musical chairs :slight_smile:

Let me know if you like this product though pls.


So has anyone tried this yet please?
Webex has many users, surely there must be some people who want to share photos online or browse together or show the desktop or do presentation. This product does all that and for free (60 min a month free).

I would love to hear your feedback pls :slight_smile:


What free service are you talking about? It sure would make things much easier if you had a link in your post.

One other thing Melih: It makes more sense to post underneath what you are quoting instead of posting on top. There’s always a great battle between top posters and bottom posters and each have their own reasons why they prefer what they prefer, but the way I see it, we’ve all learned to read top to bottom so it makes more sense to post after the quote so that the natural flow is followed.

Just to make you happy Jimmy :slight_smile:


Hi Melih,

I signed up for the trial and tryed to schedule a conference but it would not let me, it says the number of users for the license is exceeded or something.

oh. ok sorry.
I asked the relevant person to take a look it. I am sure the will fix it asap.


Hi Melih,

All fixed now and it works great! I don’t need it but I will recommend it to people!

oh great! Thanks for trying it :slight_smile:

You can share photos etc if you like with family, or even u can help fix someone’s PC by doing desktop sharing.

thanks for trying :slight_smile:


My pleasure Melih :smiley:

Melih I 'll give it a try next month. (When my sister desides to get a dsl connection). It will help me fix her pc by distance when she mess it up and make the necessary updates (she hates computers) :D.

Why procrastinate?

Bandwidth requirements for remote desktop control should be minimal. We’ve been doing this with VNC, PC Anywhere, et al. for over a decade using 14.4 modems, sometimes less.

Does Comodo Meet require more than a basic dial-up connection for remote KVM?

Alan Leghart

I will try working with my girlfriend to finish a business report (she is quite far away) and I will tell you how it goes – expect feedback shortly; this program is very exciting.

hehe :smiley: .Because my sister is one of those person that hates computers; and that means that she don’t turn on the pc if it isn’t necessary. Also her connection is pretty instable (sometimes can’t even connect with her ISP. When she gets a “flat” adsl (mostly for chatting with me over the net since I live in another country) I will have the opportunity to test it even if she is not there. ;D

I tried this out for the first time the other day. Maybe it was because it was the first time I used it, but I found the interface very confusing. I had to play with it a little while to be able to add someone to the conference, and then I ended up sending emails to myself with the addition blind copied, maybe that is just the way it works? Once I was able to do it, everything seemed to go OK. Screenviewing seemed to work fine and everything afterwards went well.

Unfortunately, we are hogs on this kind of program and run multiple meetings daily maxing out our limit of 25 people in almost every session using GoToMeeting Corporate.

What happened to the product ?
The URL is not working for Comodo Meet.
(I would like to try it to see if this is close to Macromedia Breeze !!!)

we are going to put it back live sometime this week…

Ok, its back! :slight_smile:
pls go ahead and try and give us your feedback!

Melih still reporting as down.

ewen :slight_smile: