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box where I can put my e-mail account in fixed :slight_smile:
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This type of remote acces protection is a new business in the security world. Panda security solutions was 1 of the first security vendors who was experimenting with these type of server to client based protection I think.

We believe there is a segment of users who don’t want to or don’t have the time to deal with potential security issues and would rather pay for it. Afterall, if they have the choice between paying the same amount for an AV that they know is not 100% protection and this service we offer, then we believe they will choose our service cos it comes with everything you need plus the security expert 24/7/365. It does remove one of the biggest hassles of computing, malware, from your list of stuff you have to deal with and you can concentrate on doing your work rather than figure out why your machine is slow, who is accessing your confidental info etc etc.


This new service of COMODO has indeed verry large potential. I hope it will grow and I hope it will attract the right usergroup, but that is the reason you started this survey I guess. (:WIN)

There are a lot of people like that, but there are also many who would rather learn and become more experienced in this area of technology, like me. (:WIN)

most definitely.


Hey Melih,

I took the survey. I choose to clean up my computer(s) myself, however…

I have friends and relatives, who don’t want to clean themselves (or, don’t have a clue as to how to do it), who might be interested.
Also, my company is at a computer security crossroads. Is volume licensing of some sort available for this service?

Keep up the good fight.


Thanks Grayhair.

Why not setup yourself as a reseller and give your friends and family your link as a reseller so that you can make some money/or save some cost for the friends family?


TuneUp and Malware Removal do not appear on the Affiliates page yet.

I took the survey, but somehow almost felt bad for “turning down” Comodos offer… “Nope, not interested…”, “Nope, don’t want that” (:LGH)

Thing is… I always have a double backup of my data disk, and some images (back in time) of my system disk. During the last year I got one virus that was bad. Although it was pretty annoying, I also learned a lot from killing the b… So, even if it might take some time, I prefer to do things the hard, hard way and find ways to protect, clean and fix myself… In THAT, btw, Comodo forums have been of great help, I am learning a LOT from reading hints and tips here… So, I have my reason not to use this service, at the same time, this seems like an amazing service!!! (To bad there was no “Even if you will not use it, do you think this is a good idea?”-option)

Ah, yes, I ticked off for paying for security software… That was BEFORE I met Comodo CFP3, though… After that, I stuck to my free Antivirus and ditched the paid antispyware… Now I am only waiting for CAVS3

Just wanted to tell :slight_smile:

I just took the survey. :slight_smile:

I think it would have been good before the economy has soured, but people will be more interested in it when the economy improves.
Untill things get better, People are more hesitant to spend money. I know a few people people who take the bus now, instead of driving. I’m one of them. When things get better for me, I’ll buy one of the services you guys offer :■■■■
You service is cheaper or the same price as many other anti-virus software for 1 year.

While I couldn’t afford it right now, I helped spread the word on comodo, I got a few people to convert over to comodo. There all happy.
I should show those people the services that comodo offers because the computer illiterate and the work gets done for them. :BNC

that’s exactly right jay2007tech… thank you for your support!

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will take the next one.

Yes Same message came for me when i went to survey page. :a0

nomnex on May 03, 2009, 04:07:56 AM
This account: 34346 expired on 4/29/2009 (Now: 5/3/2009)

For me also the same message.I hope they will fix it.

Ummmm - the survey’s over guys. Look at the dates of the replies.