Please show database in use during scan

I used CRD last night for the first time. I did as instructed here:

to manually upate the virus database.

There was NO indication as to whether or not the import was successful. During the scan, there was no indication of what database was being used. I have no idea if it used the bases.cav file I directed it to in C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners or not. For all I know, it used a database from the date the rescue CD ISO was originally created!

Next, we are directed to use bases.cav from C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners. There are 18 CAV files in that directory. Bases.cav is dated 3/24/15 and is 9.8 MB. b0021882.cav (also in that directory) is dated 4/24/15 and is 275 MB. It THAT (b0021882.cav) the file that should have been used and not the older/smaller bases.cav?

If I go here: Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022, I can download the most recent bases.cav and it’s 268 MB. That leads me to believe that I SHOULD have used b0021882.cav and not bases.cav.

In short, it’s unclear what virus database to use and it is even less clear what database actually WAS used in the scan. PLEASE put in an indication of the virus database in use DURING the scan, something like:

Latest Database Version: 21882
Release Date (all times GMT): 24-Apr-2015 11:00:09
Total Definitions: 40680859

That way, I know that the scan was done using the most up to date database. Also, please show this information DURING the scan so that the scan can be aborted if it isn’t using the correct database. It would suck to let a scan run for several hours and then be told that the scan was done using an obsolete database. As it is now, I ran scans with CRD but have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how useful those scans were since I HAVE NO IDEA what database was used.