Please share this audio clip with everyone!

Hi Everyone

Could we please ask you to share this Audio Clip with everyone and even put it on your websites so that we can let everyone know who Comodo is. There are still many many people out there who is not benefiting from what we have, because they don’t know we exist.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

thank you.

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Hi Melih,

Good advertisement. Any other language? Especially,… :wink:


Cool Melih…

How about a TV ad too… Finding a dragon would be hard though :wink:

Good Stuff Again!!!

Pretty Cool though I think I would prefer it in english ha ha!


Nice ad, I will be sure to share it :smiley:

Great ad Melih. I will pass it on. :wink:

For anyone that cannot see a download link to this audio file, you must log in first.

I will be happy to do that!

I was wondering how to pronounce COMODO, 88)

Be happy to put it on my site once I finish it! (R)

Oh and by the way

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(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) hahaha that was so good

I will put is on as soon as possible. Thank You.

Hello Melih,

Great! (:CLP)

I will put it in my blog as soon it be totally functional, together with some reviews and tutorials I have in mind to do about Comodo Products. :slight_smile:

Just one question: is there any type of video regarding Comodo Products?

no video yet… :frowning:


No problem. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Melih!

Edited: Melih, can I use in my blog, in the reviews I will make about Comodo Products, the banners, logos and images of Comodo Firewall, Anti-Virus, BOClean, etc?


of course


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of those voice overs during clips of forthcoming Hollywood movies.

“He was an ordinary man, who just happened to be a hero” (in your gruffest macho voice) (:KWL) (:LGH)

Melih Do You Mind If I Copy It and Put it on Multiple Websites? and Also make a Vid Presentation from it?

sure thank you.

(:LOV)I already got this clip for months on my site…
See at :
Peoples ask a lot of questions about it so I send them
here on your website… (L)