Please report any malware that can bypass CCAV !

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

Yes ! Please report any malware that can bypass CCAV !

Comodo Cloud Antivirus uses a powerful combination of virus monitoring, auto-sandbox and behavior analysis technologies to immediately protect your computer from all known and unknown malware ! :-TU (:s*) (:s*)

When was the last time you were in such a bypass situation ? I think it was before you met with Comodo and its unique Default Deny Technology :)…

Let us know ! Here we are waiting to get your replies !

We believe in Protection , we provide you Free with, patented, world’s only Default Deny Platform !

Thank you very much to you all in advance.

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It’s better provide us file or SHA1 of file.

Please do report any malware you think is bypassing our Antivirus product please. (You won’t see this kind of request from our Competitors :wink: )…(and you know why! :))

Experienced members may want to test the possible bypasses themselves. They can request a download link to the malware from the poster by pm as usual and discuss it here.

There is very very few samples can by-pass default deny protection.
The only ■■■■■ on our shield is “Trusted-Whitelisted Malwares
Maybe the India team should check Trusted Vendor List for such examples. “Trusting a vendor completely” is wrong.

Thats my 2 cents.


this topic is for actual “bypass”. Which means a malware that is able to jump out of our Sandbox/Containment due to some vulnerability or bug etc.
Human error (which is what you refer to when you mention whitelisting a malware) is not the subject of this thread. But thank you anyway.

So do you know any malware that can jump out of sandbox/containment as per above?


Ok then. I reported such vendors before but I never see any threat can jump out of the sandbox while I was using Comodo.

this is great to hear, thank you!

… which raises my question again.;msg838932#msg838932

What is Malware Labs job? Am I right qmarius?

In theory, you are right that analysis should include it. In practice, it’s more of management (decision, risk, forecast) that makes the difference. :slight_smile:

Later edit,

  • not to be confused with actual methodology of any vendor, it’s a personal opinion.

yes they are.

The question is not the ones we are able to sandbox and sent to us for analysis. Is there any that jumps out.

That’s great. Probability just increased by 8%. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Guys,

We would like to get your replies if you know any malware that is able to bypass Comodo Sandbox and the containtment; so that CCAV. If yes, please share with us.

We care about your security and protection, we have developed a hardened sandboxed environment and provide you the Default Deny Platform . With each and every new technique , we continue further improvements.

Thank you very much to you all !

Kind Regards

All your competitors ask for this, you are not the first one. One difference is that they usually pay for this kind of information.

Hi, I am a new member and using the CCAV for 3 months. I just want to give a little help as I could.
I am a teacher. We use a lot of usb disks eachother and ve have got so many trojans and malwares on the disks.

I was using 360 total sec. and CCAV could not find some files that 360 Total could.
I do not want to compare… Just want to improve my CCAV.
I dont know how I can show these to you…May be the name:
For example : Gen:Variant.Coantor.28

I scanned two times but he newer find a problem.
If you ask me something I will be happy.

May I ask how would we know if the file was malware? The way I see it (please correct me if I’m wrong) but if CCAV was unaware of a file (which could be legit) it would automatically get sandboxed. If a file was malware and was somehow allowed to run (say, trusted by user) CCAV wouldn’t alert us unless cloud detection (antivirus) said otherwise. In this scenario, it is likely the infected file would be going about it’s business without the user even knowing.

I think it would be useful to show a flow diagram how files (trusted/untrusted) are processed within CCAV and CIS showing the strengths and weaknesses of each.


Here is the Malware detection problem:

Dear Kazancı,

Can you please recover the file from 360 Security’s quarantine and upload it to Virustotal. VirusTotal
I think your USB drive infected via worm virus, which shown as “shortcuts” in your drive with the same name of your files.

By the way, we have Turkish section on Comodo, if you believe you can explain yourself better in Turkish. Please open a new topic

I am also another Turkish user of Comodo.

This section of forum must be in English, and your issue is not a by-pass of CCAV. It is just lack of signature to detect that malware.
Please open a new thread and explain in Turkish, even @SARTEK will assist you via remote control. :wink:

Bypassing: Jumping out of our Containment
Detection: detecting malware or not.

two different things…