PLEASE reply my email or say it load ...we dont care about your request

Dear Sirs,

I’ve sent you three requests before but I got no answer till this post
we would like to know more about your TrustFax White label program (Powered Partner), this a brief Introduction of our company

We are Libyan IT Company based in Benghazi; we have an in house programmers
and developers on web applications.

We have developed a system called DOKKAN24.

We use it to deliver products and services to end users; this system is
working with as many as 100 resellers all over the Middle East and North Africa
Selling products Such as domain registration, DNS services, email and VoIP
services we would like to include FAX services to our portfolio of

The question is, if your system allow assigning Sub-reseller and
transferring credit from the level of reseller to the sub-reseller level
and doing all the billing and accounting for the sub-reseller?

( in other words is it multi tier reselling system ? ), if the answer is yes
then We are very interested in your :

  • Trustfax white-Label - Powered Partner program
  • Private label billing system integrateble with our website :
  • Please inform us about all the Fees and minimum deposit for Powered Partner account
    Note : I’ve purchase an ($5) account to test the services and it’s great

sorry …idon’t know if this is the right place to post my request …but i dn’t have much choices

Ali Hejazi
Marketing Manager
Cell : +218913822345
ali [ at ]


We have received your numerous requests and passed it to relevant dept to deal with. We don’t yet have operations in Libya.


actually we targeted the middle east countries not libyan market …but our company is resident in Libya

todate, we only have faxing operations in the USA.


thank you for the good news

sometimes I forget that we are citizens of THIRD WORLD countries …I see

for me …I doesn’t make sense that Fax services applied only in the US …IT’S WEB-Based application …why ?

and why you don’t say that on your website …the services ONLY for human beings …NOT for other CREATURES … I spent two weeks waiting for answer … I’m very sad


So sorry you are having such a disappointing time with TrustFax, and Comodo’s apparent lack of response to your queries.

Thank you for pointing out the lack of concise information on the website, as to availability.

I cannot answer all your questions, but I know the answer to one…

Even though the service is online, the associated Fax numbers are US-based. Comodo does not at present have these same associations in any other countries. Thus, even though the service is online, the phone numbers are geographically represented; thus it is not possible to be used elsewhere.


Little Mac …Would you mind to let Melih Answer all my complaints …please ?

Little Mac answered it quite well actually.
what else would you like to know Ali?


Nothing AT ALL… Thank you Melih Abdulhayoglu …

You are welcome.

I am sorry that we don’t yet provide Trustfax services in Middle East.

thank you for your interest.