please provide dark theme and ui like CCAV to CIS

please provide dark theme and ui like CCAV to CIS

Dark theme looks very nice

We have it in the plans, by 3rd quarter.

I’m looking forward to this. :slight_smile:


Is the Dark Theme scheduled to be part of version 11 or a future version?

I understand there are more important things to do until time can be spent porting over the theme (which is totally fine with me), but I just think CCAV looks awsome!

P.s. I have 5 years experience in UI/UX (Web/Game), if you would like help planning and refining the menus I’d be happy to spend a few hours just in case your UI/UX team is busy elsewhere.

Kind regards,


I second the request for a dark theme :-La :-TU

waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

waiting for it too as i love dark themes…

1. What actually happened or you saw:

The Comodo CIS/CFW default theme is a LIGHT theme and essentially the same layout as ARCADIA, which is also LIGHT. The other options, CLASSIC/MODERN are essentially the same theme/layout and both DARK.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

I’d like to see a DARK option for the default theme.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

DARK themes have become very popular recently for good reason. DARK themes are easier on the eyes and usually cause less eye strain caused by too bright a screen. Right now, if I want to go with a DARK option, I would need to use a layout that I don’t like (CLASSIC or MODERN).

4. Any other information:

Even though there are 4 themes in CIS and CFW: LYCIA and ARCADIA are very similar to each other. And CLASSIC and MODERN are both similar to each other. So there are essentially 2 themes each with a sub-theme. LYCIA and ARCADIA are both light. CLASSIC and MODERN are both dark. It makes more sense to have a light and a dark in both groupings. For example, leave LYCIA light and make ARCADIA dark (or vice versa). Also, leave CLASSIC dark and make MODERN light (or vice versa). Personally, I’d like to see a dark option for the default LYCIA theme as I don’t care for CLASSIC or MODERN. Please see images for reference.

Already a wish topic so merged them together.

Is it the same request as the OP asked for? We already have a dark theme, but the dark theme layout is different than the default LYCIA. We really only have 2 themes. LYCIA/ARCADIA are essentially the same and both LIGHT. CLASSIC/MODERN are essentially the same and both DARK. I’d like to see the LYCIA/ARCADIA theme made DARK. Plus the OP did not follow the prescribed formatting. I do not know how much that will hurt the request/wish. Only 2 votes in 2 years. :frowning: I don’t think enough people are seeing these wish lists.

Maybe Comodo should release a utility called “CIS Theme Designer” so users can tailor/redesign existing or new themes to their preference.
Would be very nice to have.

CIS does not have a dark theme the modern and classic themes are not considered as dark themes. The dark theme that you and others want, is the one like it was in CCAV which is a dark version of the lycia theme.

OK, I have never used the cloud version but I think that would do nicely. And the coding has already been done for that product, so maybe it would be less work to port it over to CIS. Below is a screen cap showing the DARK theme in the CCAV settings page. Do not forget to vote YES for the DARK theme at the top of this page.