Please Open this Forum or remove the RSS feed Button


Since one has to logon to view this forum, I cannot use an RSS subscription on it even though the forum has the RSS button beside it. 88)

The CAVs beta Corner allows viewing without logging on and the RSS subscription works fine there, but shouldn’t Comodo make all its forums conform and not half and half? :slight_smile:

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With the beta soon coming up, someone should reconsider making this forum accessible via RSS.


Al: Tx for the feedback - we’ll investigate and get back to you.

Thanks for pointing out that the CAVS Beta corner wasn’t restricted to users-only; that has been fixed. :wink:

The reason that these are restricted (and thus impacting your RSS feeds) is to be able to maintain some measure of control over who downloads the Beta. Comodo is very relaxed about beta-testing, but do want to make sure that every “joe” that drives by doesn’t pull a copy and then scream because his computer got hosed (to put it in very loose terms). Registration is free and simple, and is the only caveat to beta-usage.

As far as some of the aspects of the forum, not all of it is within Comodo’s control (it’s not their software), any more than the CFP GUI is within user control…

You should be able to get the Announcements forum to feed thru; there should be a post there when the Betas come out.


Edit: My post overlapped Paulo’s…