Please make an official Comodo uninstaller for CIS

You seem to be one of the main devs behind CIS, or at least the one that talks back to the community, so I wanted to ask you this. Since you know the inner workings pretty well of CIS, CAV, and CFW, can you please make an official Comodo uninstaller for these line of products, there is nothing official, and I would imagine this would help solve a lot of problems of people not doing “clean installs” properly, but not really their fault, more that there is no official way to do so.

Nice point! I hope umesh can handle it. :-TU

In our list to provide some robust method of uninstallation in such cases.
Will get back.

Hi Guys,
The official uninstaller is activated through Windows ‘Programs and Features’. :wink:

I have been around Comodo for a long while now and never have the un-installation issues some (A small few) have.
My secrets,
Only fiddle if you know exactly what you are doing (Unnecessary system cleaning etc can have unexpected results) or possibly suffer unexpected consequences and stay away from universal third part uninstallers.
Not rocket science, but it has worked for me.

Kind regards.
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We might provide something official but like: Use at your own risk

unplugging the network card before uninstalling cfw worked well for me

I have changed the topic title to be more informative.

I have been looking in the registry to Comodo related entries.
It seems there is a lot of obsolete stuff in it even back to V7, although I have always been doing either upgrades or uninstall+install.

As very often CIS-problems are registry-related, I think Comodo should consider to have an official Registry Cleaner to cleanup thourougly ALL entries of ALL (older) versions.

This should IMHO result in less topics related to installation problems too.

I would recommend CCleaner Download CCleaner | Clean, optimize & tune up your PC, free! :-TU

Thanks for the suggestion. I know about CCleaner (and other Third-Party registry cleaners) but that isn’t always the optimal solution. Better would be an official COMODO Registry Cleaner to cleanup thourougly ALL entries of ALL (older) versions

What evidence do you have to support this claim? I have yet to see a real problem that could be conclusively shown to be related to old entries left behind in the Windows registry. On the other hand I’ve seen countless problems caused by an over enthusiastic registry cleaner. IMO the registry simply does not need cleaning, if it did Microsoft would provide a tool to do it.

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Joking ?


Still joking ?

Nope not joking at all. Registry cleaners are little more than snake oil and in my long experience using any registry cleaner does little or no good and has the potential to cause a great deal of harm.

Just ask anyone including many users on this forum about the problems caused by an incomplete uninstall of CIS or other products.

I agree that general purpose registry cleaners can cause much worse problems than they fix, BUT a fully supported uninstall tool designed just to remove one or more specific products should be available for any product like CIS that refuses to install when it detects certain leftover registry entries.

wquatan, I merged your topic with an already existing topic which asks for an official clean up tool.

I agree. :-TU
Most of the issues that appear to be caused by registry issues are most likely coincidental.

Check my post;msg852052#msg852052

I did manual cleaning of registry and than install CIS from start. This could/should have been done by “Comodo software cleaner”.

In normal situation all you should need is uninstall through Programs and features, but there are situations where this just doesn’t work. In situations like these there should be option to force unistall/clean files and registry. Advanced cleaner that can deal with this kind of situations.

For the love of God, yes please make an unistaller!

I agree. The recent update to 10 hung half-way through the installation. Thereafter, the installer file was missing so I could not uninstall. I tried to reinstall 10 but it would not reinstall because the installer/uninstaller file for my previous version was missing. To make things worse, several programs no longer opened. Fortunately, ultimately, I found the older installer file in a back-up and was able to uninstall. It would have been great to havec a stand-alone uninstaller file for the older version. Greek Buddy was useless. Also the Comodo browser. I have decided to keep my older version of the firewall, only. I could never get version 10 to work correctly.

I too would love to see an updated official Comodo Uninstaller for those of us that like to remove every trace of Comodo from our systems. There is usually quite a few entries left behind in the registry; although benign… it would be nice to have removed. For the time being I just carefully examine and remove Comodo entries from the registry if need be. Maybe eventually I’ll compile and build my own uninstall tool. The one that various members on other threads refer too is that unofficial 2014 file, while okay, is pretty obsolete when dealing with new versions of Comodo.