"Please Join our Forums" button is broke


I find the “Please Join our Forums” button pretty annoying since I have already registered (joined). It’s like how ■■■■ TV ads are shown to me for products that I have already bought. Hate that big time!!!

Besides it does not even work correctly anyways, creates a different url on every page, simply appends “/index.php?action=register” to current URL which causes a 404. When it should always point to “Comodo Forum” . How was this missed?

Example: https://forums.comodo.com/general_discussion_off_topic_anything_and_everything-b1.0/

When viewing this page the button points to the wrong register page which results in 404.

But please only show the darn button to those who have not registered yet.



Greetings war59312,

I agree only unregistred users should see it, as there’s no need for members to register.
And yes, they should fix the link, I checked too, and it’s broken.
If you got Firefox you can use AdBlock Plus to get red of it until/if they fix it :wink:


Indeed, though I use Ad Muncher instead and got rid of it using it. :slight_smile: Forgot I could for a second. haha

Good call. I have forgotten about that since I also blocked it (with Opera’s content blocker) from a long while ago.

Still broken.

Looks like the backend scripts are adding JUNK into the middle of the URL:


Button still shown to login users. Wow!!