Please help me

Every time I try to go onto comodo anti-virus i get the same message over and over again. It says “Currently Comodo Antivirus doen not support switch User.
CAVS already running in user: Other. Please log off other and try again.”

I have deleted the users but mine which is called ‘Windows User’ and it still wont let me onto it.
It wont let me uninstall it and all it says is the same message

Can you help me? (:SAD)

I just dont know what to do

Goodday davetim101,

I read you have an uninstall problem, hmmmm… maybe you can try uninstall it using safe mode, this way you only run necessary windows processes and an uninstall will be possible…

You can try using an uninstall program, I use revo uninstaller, google it and you can download it… I do not know if it is working in safe mode, never tried it…

You can get in safe mode by hitting F8 on the keyboard when the pc is booting, hit this key after the splash screen (if you have one), then choose safe mode… once in safe mode, log in with your admin account and run revo uninstaller, choose cavs and uninstall in advanced mode…

Let me know if this worked out for you.

Have a nice day!


Hey Dave I just came across your request and if your still needing Help,Well maybe you could go into your control panel and take a look at your “user account” and verify that you are not logged as both Administrator and Regular user also I’m probally wrong but,hope you get it straightened-out.Semper-Fi. If all else fails "Click start "click Computer and double-click Disk C when file opens double-click Programs and, right-click anti-virus then Click Delete