Here’s my problem. I had Comodo firewall, I uninstalled it using CCleaner, however it didn’t get rid of everything. Comodo is still on my PC in parts not a full program “cmdagent” Is running even though as I’ve said I don’t have this on my PC. I tried going to add/remove programs and it doesn’t show up on the list to remove it. I can’t find how to shut down the cmdagent file that’s running so I can just delete it too. My problem is it’s blocking me from opening up a lot of stuff on my PC and is also not allowing the regedit to be opened. When I try and end the process of cmdagent it tells me I can’t. So PLEASE help me so I can get rid of this and reinstall it. It also won’t let me reinstall or download anything from the internet through my web browser. PLEASE PLEASE HELP

Are you using V3 or V2? You can boot to safe mode (press F8 on boot) to remove files, but for V3 there are comprehensive removal instructions at comprehensive_instructions_for_completely_removing_comodo_firewall_pro_3_info-t17220.0.html . For V2, there are FAQs in this section with similar removal information. All CCleaner does is run the uninstaller for you, so don’t know why the deinstallation failed.

I have no idea, what’s going on but when I try and access just about anything it tells me I not allowed to. I have no idea what version, if he helps it was just downloaded from your site about a week ago. That link also isn’t working for me

Hi De83

I know this may be a little drastic, but do you have a system restore point that you can go back to before the install of CFP. If you can, then do that reboot and do a registry clean and a fresh install of the latest version if you are using XP or Vista.


Probably V3 then, so I will move this thread there. Are you running XP or Vista? Do you still have the program you downloaded-it might uninstall for you. You can still boot into safe mode, then go to administrative tools/services and turn off the Comodo Firewall Helper. And go to MS Configuration /startup and uncheck “Comodo Firewall” so it won’t start up at boot. You can get to that program by going to your run box and typing msconfig. Then you can download the reference and do cleanup.

I don’t have a system restore point. I wish I did

I went into safe mode and removed the files but there is a comodo file somewhere that is still blocking me from doing a lot of things, these include going into the regedit and trying to reinstall comodo. It says “You don’t have permission to access them” I’m really worried here. If this is any help at all when I go to msconfig and click on services it shows Comodo firewall pro helper and says it’s stopped. I’m really at a loss here

What OS are you running? In msconfig, did you also go to startup and uncheck anything to do with Comodo? Can you not get into regedit in safe mode when Comodo is not running? If using Vista, you may need to turn off UAC and run as an administrator to straighten things out.

Running XP. I can get into everything when I’m in safemode. Nothing Comodo is starting up according to MSconfig which I can get into in both safe made and normal mode. It’s still blocking stuff though. I know it’s comodo because it didn’t start doing this until I added it. You see I ■■■■■■■ up what to block and what no to and couldn’t figure out how to undo it so I was going to uninstall and reinstall but now I’m having problems

OK, you need to download the uninstall instructions referenced above. They will help your search for the keys you need to remove with regedit32. There is also an installer to try. Make a restore point just in case. :). Comodo stores all of its settings in the registry, and it sounds like the link to them is still active somehow. You can read and print the referenced message to help you, You can search the registry for comodo and remove what keys you can, but be EXTREMELY careful. There may be a few keys you can’t remove because of permissions (typically LEGACY keys) but they will not cause problems if left alone.