please help me fix this problem. antivirus scanner freezing up during scan ???

.hello please help.i have cis.i dont have any other is or av on my pc except cis.i have put folders/files that i dont want cis to scan as i know these are very safe items.problem no 1.when i run a antivirus scan on my pc the av scanner goes for a couple of minutes then when it gets to the same program folder that is a genuine bought game it starts to scan the files then the av scanner stops/sticks on that file & wont continue past that file.av scanner etc doesnt come up & say there is a virus etc or a problem or anything it just stops/stick on that file.i have left it to carry on hopefully to scan my pc but after 5-6 hrs its still at the same place but the timer on the sanner keeps going but the files scanned & virus detected on the av scanner doesnt change.i have also tryed to scan my pc with that genuine game that it stops/sticks on into the exclusions hoping it will bypass that game folder & carry on scanning but no suck luck it still scans that folder & with the same results.then when i try to either pause or stop the scanner cis total freezes up & then totaly freezes my pc up.the only way to resolve the matter is to reboot my pc.yes i can go & start the game up & play the game without any probs.this problem is driving me up the wall.problem no2.cis keeps poping a messages up from time to time saying it has detected a virus but wait for this the supposed to be virus is its own self in cmdagent.exe saying its virus W32/Virtumonde.i would be greatfull for your help on my 2 problems & resolve them.thanks

It looks like we have the same problem.
On file is blocking the scan and there is no other way than to stop the PC. :-\

Setting Heuristics Scanning to Medium or Low may help.

CIS / Anti-virus / Scanner Settings

Do you have DEP set for all the programs on your computer?
If so, disable for cmdAgent.exe. (does not seem possible for Vista x64, though)
You could also set it to protect just the Windows programs instead.

Seems to happen a lot when scanning c:\windows\system32\drivers

Disabling DEP doesn’t help on XP, it may help on Vista only.

Mine stopped on pci.sys in the drivers folder as above. I changed DEP settings as in

and now it works fine. I am running XP Home with SP3 and latest updates.

Hi ! Yesterday I’ve installed CIS (free one) and I seem to have this problem too. When I run a My Computer scan the av freezes right after it finds a threat (Unclassified Malware@xxxxx) in partition D in System Volume Information which is a hidden folder. Also when I right-click a self-extracting-cabinet on my desktop (this file is the free bitdefender v10 av downloaded from their site) and chose “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” option I get the “windows explorer has encountered an error and needs to close” and after that the “dr. watson postmortem debugger has encountered a problem and needs to close” so I think that the cmdagent application has some memory managing problems and NO I will not turn off DEP for cmdagent because that’s dangerous and I don’t want the risk to fry my pc’s memory modules. Another problem pops when I do a manual scanning and I right click my Local Disk C to scan it; it scans and finds a threat (Unclassified Malware@xxxxx) in my GRID game folder in program files which is a .raw file and after that it freezes and I have to restart my pc.
I will try to lower the heuristics because they’re set to High or check the settings and let u know but if this doesn’t work I will appreciate a solution for this. Thanks !!!

I believe 3.9 has solved the issue regarding DEP, something I actually experienced myself… =)
If you are having a different bug is hard to tell…

If you like to you guys can try the 3.9 Release candidate… even if it will go public automatic update in around one short week (ESTIMATED)…

But if you like uninstall, reinstall this is for you, it contains a lot of fixes apart from the DEP bug and also security enchantments… But, you must login to access… =)

Tried lowering the heuristics with no luck. Also when I right-click the CIS installer on my desktop to select properties, Boom, explorer and dr. watson crash again. I’ve uninstalled CIS, restarted,cleaned my registry with CCleaner, restarted and tried to do a fresh install but this time DEP closed CIS to help protect my system. I remember when I first installed the software two days ago that I checked both components to be installed but it installed only the firewall and when I tried to do a scan it gaved me an error message sayin’ somethin about instalation problem and then it ran a fixing tool. This time when I did the instalation again I had my pc connected to the internet and it updated its virus signature and started scanning but like I’ve said earlier, DEP closed CIS so I think when installed the software needs access to internet for the update, if not it results in a faulty instalation.
So in conclusion, after googleing and reading a ton of pages with complains I can honestly say that “cmdagent” is an application that will need more work concerning memory usage and the CIS installer needs to be redesigned/rewritten. I feel bad about this because I really like the user interface and the firewall on this software and I hope the bugs will be sorted out. I’ve uninstalled it and I’m not touching it until next official release.

                                                                                                               Peace !!!

I think these problems are dealt with the upcoming v3.9. It is scheduled to go live at May 12th.

please use another program to clean your registry, ccleaner really does not do anything, I would try comodo system cleaner and advanced system care, they are both free and should really help at cleaning the registry.

I HOPE this problem of Comodo AV freezing up when it gets to pci.sys file in Windows/drivers IS fixed in 3.9 version. If it isn’t, >:( I for one am going to trash Comodo and try a firewall/virus scanner that REALLY works. You can only take so much before finally giving up. What good is a virus scanner that never completes and can not fix the problems it finds, but actually creates more problems. I am VERY, VERY disappointed in Comodo after all the good things I read about it before installing it. >:( :frowning: