please help I need advice

I need an advice. I’am going to install comodo and I wonder what is better: installing comodo internet security or comodo Antivirus (without firewall). I’ve got windows xp sp2, so I already have a system firewall. I wonder if comodo firewall won’t make a conflict with system firewall ? second thing is that I have old hardware, (P4 512 mb RAM) so what version of comodo will be the best solution for me, (witch one will work faster).

Thanks for any help

Hi and welcome szary75,
I would personally recommend using the full suite, Comodo firewall is one of its most secure components.
Installing Comodo firewall should disable Windows firewall automatically.
If for some reason it does not, it is still recommended to disable Windows firewall manually and only have one active firewall.
Comodos firewall component should not add extra load to the system resource usage.