Please Help! I fear the worst has happened!!!

Starting yesterday my Comodo Firewall has allowed over 150 firewall requests from System and C:Windows \System 32\svchost.exe. and it relentlessly continues as I write this. I have never seen so much firewall activity in such a short time in the 6 years that I have used the Comodo Firewall and I am very worried about this activity. I have done several scans with both the Emsisoft Emergency Scanner and Hitman Pro and they each turn up no infections.

Here are 3 screenshots of the firewall activity over 11-17-2014 and the first couple of hours after midnight today…

I tried to look up the destination IP addresses of these entries in the firewall log, but apparently they are unknown.

Is it possible that malware is using System and C:Windows \System 32\svchost.exe to get through the firewall? I am extremely worried about this situation and I am hoping that the community here at the Comodo forums will be able to help me to understand what I am now considering to be a dire situation.

Hi Maxxwire,

A quick search shows up the following info :-

Apparently it belongs to

Level 3 Communications (Broomfield, CO, US)

After looking at the pics, Hopefully its probably a printer or something, but just to be sure

Would you mind downloading this and click “do a system scan and save a logfile”. This is portable so its easy to remove (Just drag folder to recycle bin when no longer needed)

If you like, you can post the logs here

also you can run this as this (this is beta still)

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