Please Help! I cannot decrypt back my HDD.

Hello this is request from International Comodo Forums I can translate communication if necessary. Please PM me for better notifications.


Hello dear friends!

I encrypted my external drive with Comodo Disk Encryption.
After encryption when I try connect this HDD to PC I get the following message:

"Please format the disk to use it in the drive E:.

Do you want to format it?"

There’s very important information for me on the disc.

Please help me to decrypt my disk.

Can’t anyone help?

The product is discontinued but anyway someone must know what to do.

Please help Exynos.

Sorry I never seen a way to fix anything with CDE, I presumed by this time no one would install this old program.

Just found this one below not found it before bottom quote is his solution.


Really thank you very much!

I thought it was impossible to get help in an outdated product.

I’ll translate the quotations for the applicant.

So did I :slight_smile:

Just a matter of luck I found that particular post.

I just hope it works for him/her.