Please help CIS is crippling my system

I have been using CIS for almost a year now and love the product.

Unfortunately for the past 3 or 4 weeks my system has been really slow and even freezing up totally. Scans show no viruses.

I uninstalled CIS and bingo, every thing was ok.

I re-installed CIS and things were fine for a week or so.

Yesterday my system was playing up again, games were juddery and so was music in Media Centre.

I again uninstalled CIS and every thing was ok.

I had no other firewall or virus scanner installed to conflict with CIS and I have now temporarily reverted to Windows Firewall.

My system specs are
XP 2600 Thoroughbred
OCZ 500w Stealth XStream
OCZP4002GK memory
XP Windows


it is known that when using CIS with every module installled (firewall+ defense + and the av component) that during boot up the program will use a lot of resources. This phenomenon has to do with caching, memory scans and other running processes that are necessary for CIS to “check” if everything works as it should… When this “check” is finished CIS wil return its cpu power and memory usage back to the operating system and you will see that your hdd, cpu fan/cooler will be much more quiet and you will see a significant drop in cpu power and memory usage. At that moment you see your system will run smoothly again…

Having said that I will recommend you just to wait for a minute or 2 or more (depending on your system specifications) till CIS “finishes” its job. Maybe developers wil find a different way for CIS to “finish” its job at boot up… for now it just having a bit more patience

Mark that the explanation I just gave above is about my assumption you experience lagging of the system when you want to use your system after it has started up… otherwise there has to be another explanation…

Have a nice day!

Hi DaRtH VaDeR. thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately the problem is not due to the two-minute lag for CIS to complete its entire load up runs.

I have given my system up to ten minutes to load before using

Do you by any chance have Comodo System Cleaner installed?


Hi John

I did have a few months ago but am I correct in thinking that it was latter incorporated into CIS.

Or is my poor auld memory shot altogether.

I have just run SuperantiSpyware, Mailwarebytes and Spybot S&D and only minor cookie etc files were found


While trying to post the above I got this message several times

“The last posting from your IP was less than 1 seconds ago. Please try again later”.

But this was the first time I tried to post???

I was inquiring because some users have had the problem you described just having CSC installed. If you do not then that would not be what is affecting you. No, CSC is not incorporated into CIS but Boclean and Memory firewall are.

The posting problem pops up once in a while. It is a SMF hosting problem.

Make sure you have the latest version of CIS found here.

Let us know if you still are having problems