Please finish the SafeRegistry process in order to start CRC solved the problem by a rather drastic step, uninstalling all Comodo products and bleaching the registry of all Comodo refererces. was lucky enough that an update was ready and rebooting the PC fixed that problem.
My System Clean crashed before finishing, I had ticked to clean ‘system serives’ a non default. I’m running the freshest version CSC_SETUP_2.2.129172.4_xp_vista_server2003_win7.exe. Many tricks don’t work

  1. reboot 2 or more times.
  2. reinstall CSC
  3. run the diagnostic mentioned in the help file, it reports as healthy. Miccellaneous button (top right) of main window, then diagnostic.
  4. untick registry cleaner > settings (top right button), untick ‘use registry protection’. Reboot PC.
  5. the forum posts above mention a driver is loaded. I looked in Micro$ofts Control Panel, Admin tools, services and sorted by status, none of the ‘started’ services mention Comodo or System Cleaner. I was going to stop the driver by stopping it’s service.

Security products which may interfere are :
Comodo verification engine
Comodo Internet security
Peer Guardian
SuperAntiSpyware - free version.

I use a few other security products but they are non resident.
I’m running XP SP3.

I can wait for months for an update but there may be a tricky solution. The main reason for running the clean was that I changed video and sound cards and the registry was polluted with old driver settings. Even though CSC crashed my new sound card worked on reboot. CSC seems to do a deeper clean than a few other popular products.

You probably already saw this but…

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Worked for me!

To fix this issue go to My Computer - double click on C:\ - double click on Program Files- double click on COMODO - double click on COMODO System-Cleaner- delete file CSCSettings.ini amd start againg Comodo System Cleaner.