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I have a Secure Email Certificate for Outlook Express from Comodo, which will expire in a short while, and I was wondering what would be the correct method to delete the expired certificate and install a new one. Where is the folder that the certificate is installed in, so that I can delete it sucessfully, please.
I assume that following the very same procedure of the original install will ensure successful installation of the NEW certificate?

Assigning your Certificate to your email account:

Open Outlook Express
Select Tools from menu
Select Accounts from drop down menu
In dialog box that appears select Mail then select your relevant email account
Click Properties
Click the Security tab
Click Select Signing Cert. From the popup Certificate store box locate and select your Secure Email Certificate.
Click Select Encryption Cert. From the popup Certificate store box locate and select your Secure Email Certificate.
Click OK to return to Outlook Express

Thank you for your assistance!


How can I tell if the Comodo Secure SSL logo on a site is genuine? More specifically, I’m trying to find out if the Comodo logo displayed on the site <> is the real deal, and if it is - what security does that actually offer me as a customer on the site.


Mr Tea

Hi Mr Tea

you can use to validate content such as our logos.


Mr. Tea,

I use V Engine. I clicked the link you provided. I saw no Comodo logo anywhere. At checkout the security padlock comes up red, not secure green.

Can I configure vengine for portable firefox/opera?

Could you please start that topic by posting your proposed standard for DV on the CABForum. Thanks

I am not sure if we can make the proposed standard public or not. i will check though


I have comodo secure e-mail and it says I have +100 e-mails in my inbox! I am using outlook connector and an e-mail address. I have sent numerous e-mails; however I have not recieved anywhere near 100 e-mails! What could have happened?