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Could someone please explain me what this means?

What application wants to do?

Should I allow this or not?

Thanks for answers

okramo, welcome to the forum. is your TCP loopback in this case. There are lots of legit programs that require this type of internal connection. You should allow it, otherwise ICQLite might not work. There’s an option to enable the skipping of this check in Security>Adv>Misc>Config>2nd option if you don’t run any proxy server.

Thank you for quick answer :slight_smile:

Also, I forgot - welcome to you all at this forum - Comodo is very nice product (R)

Me again :slight_smile:

I am trying to create stealth rules for apps that I use so sorry for asking maybe stupid questions, but what window below means?

I previously allowed TCP OUT at port 80 for googletalk so I don’t know what now he asks?!


Sorry, okramo. Moderators are only allowed to answer a member’s question once per thread. :frowning:

Ok joke’s over ;D. This alert refers to Google Talk trying to connect to the internet, so allow it again. Did you remember to click on the Remember option at the bottom left corner of the alert?

I already allowed googletalk connection to internet - allowed ports 80 and 443, so I wasn’t expecting this question…

Why is for ip written : “Listen port” ?

I enabled already usage of specified ports for connection to Internet so I still don’t understand :slight_smile:

I think listening port is one that is ready to be opened for application/process use. You should visit the Firewall FAQS. It has lots of info, like this one:,6167.0.html

Just registered en already having a problem. I’m using comodo firewall in combination with avg-antivirus (both freeware).
The learning fase in Comodo is already done, but suddenly I’m having problems with msn-messenger. Until now it happened with only one contact. Every time he’s trying to send something, msn closes, without accepting the file. Also voice-contact is a disaster. It seems my computer is allergic?? Because I’m administrator of a forum and need this way of contacting it’s rather uncomfortable.
AVG free doesn’t give more options to configurate and in comodo I can’t mark the action as safe.
Any idea what’s going on?
Even updates from comodo don’t come to finalisation. Is there any disagreement between those two save guards?

Hello cc-tje
I am also using AVG and MSN with version CFP. Both work without a flaw. Are you using the latest version of CFP and have you followed the install instructions for CFP exactly as posted in this forum?

I installed CFP with standard features (freeware version). Never changed any of the settings. It’s very strange that updates also never get installed. Think I’ve downloaded the updates already 7 times now.
It’s even more strange that it occurs only with one person, other contacts can send and receive anything through msn (8.1) without delay.

It sounds like a bad install to me. Otherwise you should be getting the downloads. I found that it is very particular about the install and I could not even put it in a location other than a default. It is even more fussy about the uninstall. If you have to uninstall it for any reason be sure to make sure that there is nothing left in the registry for CFP. The One person only MSN problem seems strange to me. Maybe one of the moderators will have an answer for you.

I stopped comodo to exclude which prog causes the trouble. Seems just the same, so it might be AVG-antivirus… I keep going on to find out, but every hint is welcome.

cc-tje, I think you’ll receive more exposure if you opened a new topic at the CFP Help board with this AVG + CFP = MSN issue.

Problem solved! And it wasn’t me or my computer, even not Comodo or AVG, only my correspondent didn’t follow the updates from Windows and used an older version messenger. According to him I was the only one with this issue, but since he updated everything is back to normal.
Thanks anyway, I’ll keep coming here!!!

Thanks for the update. I should’ve known it was a version conflict (haven’t had that in a long time).

Glad to see your problem is solved and that Cfp is not the problem

I have been using Comodo for quite some time now, ever since I change my computer and couldn’t get a Free vesion of Sygate. I have been in the main quite pleased with the performance, however when I used Sygate I always got a 100% stealth with the Gibson Port test. Now with Comodo there is 1 Stealth, all others are Closed except 2 Ports are open, how can I achieve Stealth with Comodo.
Version is

labelman, I see that you re-posted the same question in greater detail here:,7529.0.html , so I’ll try to answer it there.

Hi i’m having trouble getting commodo firewall to access windows update site it can access it so far until it in scan mode for updates what i want to know is how to let it go through, i tried letting all ports and all ip range on internet explorer but it not working then i turned to component control i added windows update dll files but still not working and i got a network zone for all ips enabled but still no access i uses aol too thanks hope u reply bye dragoneye >:(

dragoneye, welcome to the forum.

Please have a look at these. There are many other threads, but these should suffice for a starter:,1955.0.html,2894.0.html,6518.0.html,6579.0.html,6836.0.html

If you have questions specifically about Comodo Firewall, please post them at the Help board.