Please don't open browser window maximized

I did something today that I’ve never done before: As long as I was on the “Miscellaneous” page in CIS, I clicked on the “Browse Support Forums” link. Normally, I go to these forums by just opening a browser window (or deciding to re-task one that’s already open) and manually keying-in the URL for these forums.

So I had no idea, until today, that when one clicks on the “Browse Support Forums” link from CIS’s “Miscellaneous” page, the browser opens maximized.

That’s not good… very, very bad, in fact.

Not forcibly changing the size and/or placement (on the screen) of anything other than maybe a pop-up browser window is “Good Web Design 101.” CIS isn’t a web page, of course, but the principles are (or at least should be) the same. It’s very bad manners for any web page or software application to resize anyone’s browser window upon said browser window’s opening. It’s just really bad manners. And making CIS stop doing that would, I’m certain, be very easy… a very tiny piece of recoding.

I hope that the powers that be around here will see to it that the right folks in the CIS development team see this, and correct it in the next update. Please.