Please DO FINALLY remove wrong "disabled UAC" threat!...


It makes more than a month that I complained on this forum that too sensitive (or paranoïd) CCE put as a threat the simple of fact of disabling UAC on Win7…

But even though, absolutely NO action was taken on that matter as I can see : each time I scan my PC, CCE keeps on stupidly put as a threat “disable UAC” on my computer! And each time I have to ignore it. >:(

Come on, this is not serious! It is clear that UAC is disabled because of user’s decision, isn’t it? Besides, only CCE put this a menace! I have never seen that with any other cleaning tool!

So, please DO remove this annoying wrong threat, take action! Or shall I completely unrecommend CCE and use another cleaning tool? 88)

not necessarily malware can disable UAC without the users consent which is why the detection is there. It has a low rating so it would be better if comodo integrated an exlusion list of some sort so it doesnt detect this modification every scan.

Sure. Or at least a field/box “always ignore” could be put in CCE parameters so that after each scan “disabled UAC” does not appear as a threat anymore… CCE would learn user’s habits. Why not do that in that case?

i dont work for comodo so i cant speak for them, idk why they havent added something like that. Maybe its a limitation of CCE being a portable app. All we can do is ask for it and hope they add it.