ping is not working

Firewall is configured to allow all in/out traffic for ping (yes, I know it is an overkill), it is the first rule in the list, global rule to block ICMP is deleted and yet all ping requests time out unless I disable the firewall, nothing is logged. Am I missing something?

I am sure that I am running the instance of ping the rule is configured for, pings to local subnet also time out even though it is set up to allow all in/out in global rules.

Does ping.exe work if it is set to trusted application and there are no any block entries in global rules?

If yes, try this:

For ping.exe set these rules in same order:
allow/icmp/out/any/any/where message is echo request
block all unmatching

For system set default ruleset (outgoing only).

Make sure there is no global rule like block/ip/out/any/any/any

I have added also the permission in input for echo request for the “windows operating system” rules and so it works in one system, but in the other I had to disable defense+. Why?

Do I understand correctly: this is rule allow/icmp/in/any/any/echo request ?
If yes, better remove it as it is not needed anyway.

What do you mean? 2 different computers?
Try to set ping.exe as trusted application in D+.

tried all this - no effect, icmp is still not getting through. traceroute is not working either…

Maybe you’d be interested in this site while solving problems with ping and traceroute.


What does the log show in this case?

Dear goodbrazer

1)for the rule “allow/icmp/in/any/any/echo request” I have noticed you have eliminated it and it is ok.
2) yes I have two PCs with WIN XP PRO, CFP and with the same rules, in one the rules works, in the other I receive an “access denied” at any ping try unless you disable D+ (even if ping is trusted in D+)

Hi, cornix

I’m embarrassed (:SHY)

Maybe this will help:
go to defense+ ->advanced->computer security policy and remove all entries, except these groups: all applications, windows system applications, windows updater applications, comodo firewall pro.
Set D+ to training mode. Try to ping some addresses for a couple of times. Set D+ to train/w safe mode (or clean pc mode, or paranoid mode). Try to ping again.
What are results?

Fine goodbrazer! The result now is that ping works.
Thanks a lot.