Ping confusion with 5.12

Since updating to version 5.12 I’m having problems with ping requests.

I have this rule for ping.exe:
Allow outgoing to MAC any where ICMP Message is echo request

In 5.10 sending a ping request (ping x.x.x.x) would result in the expected 4 echo replies.

In 5.12 I get one echo reply only , after that Comodo will display an alert for an outgoing echo reply.
If allowed I’ll get the other 3 echo replies, if blocked I’ll get a “general failure” message.

Something is wrong here. Please, anyone shed some light :-La

Ping works fine on my PC running CFW 5.12 on WinXP SP3.

I have no Firewall rule or Defense+ rule for ping, so I assume that it works because it is covered by the default Windows System Applications firewall rule which is: “Allow IP Out from MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any”.

I suggest you try removing your firewall rule for ping (which I suspect doesn’t allow enough access). If this doesn’t work try temporarily setting your Firewall Security Level to “Training Mode”, run a ping, and immediately reset the Firewall back to its previous Security Level. This should automatically generate a rule to allow ping to work.

Note: Running Win7 or Vista and Avast 7 with CIS versions prior to 5.12 caused outgoing firewall rules not to work. If this applies to you it could explain why ping worked with CIS 5.10 with your rule in place.

OK, I’m running Win 7 x64.
I checked and found that the issue is not present in XP.
It happens in Win 7, both x64 and x86, as well as Windows 8.

ping.exe is not in the default Windows System Applications firewall rule.

The point is ping should work with this rule: “Allow outgoing to MAC any where ICMP Message is echo request (Type8)”
Now for some reason Comodo alerts an outgoing echo reply (ICMP Type 0), which is wrong.
I do not want to allow outgoing echo replies.

I could go back to 5.10 on Win7, but on Win8 I’m stuck with 5.12.

Never Mind,

I just checked out version 6 beta.
I won’t be using the product anymore

May I ask why?

  1. New User Interface is clearly aimed at “set and forget” users.
  2. UI too cluttered with features for people only needing firewall funcionality
  3. Settings that belong together (like Firewall events and firewall rules) have been scattered
  4. Active processes have increased from 2 (with firewall only) in v5 to 6 processes in v6
  5. Missing equivalent to Summary Tab
  6. Firewall rules in v5 could be read at one glance, whereas in v6 rules for each single application have to be expanded by clicking the + first (goes for other settings as well, e.g. port sets, networks)
  7. New Fonts in firewall rules and presentation of addresses lack readability, e.g. when setting up a rule for it now reads
  8. In v5 the sliders for security and alert levels had an explanation. In v6 a first time user will have a hard time picking the levels.
    8)The new Log Viewer is inferior to the one in v5

At least, before scrapping the VM, I could verify that in v6 the behaviour described in my initial post has been fixed. So that’s good news there :wink: